31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 632

HASH TRASH - Run 632


Well, it was a pretty hot day. Fighting for parking, we took every available slot at the start. Of course, if folks had walked two blocks instead of driving, there would have been plenty of parking (see down downs). And so we were off on some rather tricky trails. The FRB's missed trail over and over. Probably should have made them DFR's but they didn't get it wrong once they found the checks.

North, North, North into Nof Yam. Many false trails and a huge (and very hot loop) through the fields and we made our way back to the walkers and a sad rendition of Brown Cow (very very smelly performance by lots of folks- can't even wiggle a hip?)

And so it was on over into Kfar and Herliyya Bet. Seems that the FRB's just couldn't be bothered to stop for the holds. I think someone needs to remind Dead Boring and Stroker of our traditions. What kind of example are you setting for guys like Tongue Boy (a visiting hasher) ?

We made it back to the beginning, although it was touch and go with many hashers Short cutting the end. And even the hare couldn't remember the trail. So, on to the down downs.

Down Downs

Hares Larger Lout & Treasure

FRB Dead Boring & Stroker (mmmmmmm racing?, or ..........)

SCB A whole bunch (not my notes)!!!!!!

DFL Jack Off

No Hash shirt - Dead Boring & Free willy

Bad Hares - Larer Lout & Treasure (did the trails cross?) and remember where the trail is supposed to go.

Invisible Man Award - Boston Creamed (so what did attack you?)

Lack of effort (on the song) - too many people

Returnees - Taco Balls & Sanitary (bout time)

Virgins - Tongue boy, Quick Draw (see you for a couple more)

New shoes - Dr D (you really need to check your taste in shoes) & Pussycat

Non Hebrew speaker (there really is a difference between Klum (nothing) and Two - Goldmember

Who let the dogs out (better known as Treasure doesn't like dogs)- Jack Off

Dairy Queen (how much Ice Cream did you buy) -MasterBakes

Lazy Hashers ( next time walk to the start when it is only a few blocks from your house) - Dead Boring lager Lout Pussycat Treasure Sanitary Delivrance Bucks Fizz Free Willy Pusher & Dandruff

Directions to Run 633 (the getting close to the devil run, some combo equals 666). ALL RUNNERS MUST WEAR EITHER A DEVIL OUTFIT, TIARA OR BOW TIE.

We'll be starting at NOF YAM park. We ran by there the last run. All the scouts were there if you recall. So exit at the KFAR Smaryahu exit from route 2 in Herzliyya. Head west toward the beach. At the 2nd traffic circle, bear right (Wingate and later Golda Meir). Follow the road into Nof Yam. The priority road will make a sharp right. Take the right and then make an immediate left. Go straight, across the dirt stretch to the park ahead of you. Your hares will be waiting. Lost call Masterbakes, or Jack Off.


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