31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 639

HASH TRASH - Run 639
A Live One

It was very hot, although according to some it was very, very hot. Nonetheless, and despite shelling to the North, a hardy band of Hashers assembled in a dusty Herzliya parking lot and girded their loins for the run ahead. Well, they said it was girding. Initially, the Hares had difficulty in finding the trail and wandered aimlessly for quite a while before the first on-on was sounded.

The Hash was a Live Hare, Sanitary and Dr. Dolittle having sprinted ahead seconds, nay, minutes, perhaps even hours earlier to lay the trail. Well, they said it was sprinting. The ambling, perambulating walkers caught up with the live ones at the halfway point, and if "Live Hare" means "hanging out and smoking" then this was a job well done.

The runners meanwhile -- led by newcomer Diabolo, fresh from the Hashemite HHH -- set out on a run that was described to Humble Scribe as "lacking" -- lacking in hares, lacking in flour, lacking in scenery, lacking in length, lacking a cool breeze, lacking beer at half time and lacking in Brits.

Alas, a... oh, never mind.

RA - Dead Boring
FRB - Diabolo
Returnees - TC, Pat (Istanbul is Constantinople)
Virgin - Diabolo
Clarkson Award for Circle Abuse - Ferfoxsake (Impala compounds the sin)
No Hash Shirt - Pat
Fashion Abuse - TC (no socks), Boston Creamed (no pants*)
150 Runs - Bucks Fizz (just in time!)
Leavers - Barking Mad, Bucks Fizz, Decibel, Sanitary, Treasure (pewter steins all around)

The RA noted that the Ware family, Decibel, Sanitary, and Treasure, have between them done 670 runs during which time 3,350 beers (1,005,000 milliliters, according to his calculations) were consumed, and decreed that Hash Cash left over from their collective balance would go towards their Hash pension plans. Let it also be noted that during her time in the Holyland Hash House Harriers, Treasure ran 289 Hashes (come back for 11 weeks and get that patch!).

The current border situation (has anyone officially declared war yet?) has elicited a number of e-mails from concerned Hashers around the world. Neon (currently in Spain) and Minh (who came to us with Quick Drawers and Tongue Boy) sent best regards. For her part, Stroker wrote something about running through fields of cannabis in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Well, she said it was running.

* Wore a skirt, your filthy minded creatures.

** If anyone did not receive his brilliantly witty e-mail, "The Gospel According to Sanitary", notify Hash Scribe and it will be forwarded forthwith. In summary, the Tribe of Ware has been, "banished to the Land of Rain and Snow, where their sins will be cleansed, and they will be forced to drinketh warm, flat ale and eat Yorkshire Puddings, or burneth forever in front of the one bar electric fire."

Date: Saturday, July 29
Start time: 4:00pm

Deliverance writes: Hash # 640 will be taking place in lovely downtown Hadera!! (Conveniently located near my kid's camp and hopefully far enough away from katushas, etc..). Take the Coastal Highway from Tel Aviv and Herzliya and head NORTH. Exit right at Hadera. Go straight through traffic light and roundabout, cross over railroad track. At 2nd stoplight take a right. You will be on "Frank - One of the Founders of Hadera Road". Bring a camera if you like and take a picture of the street sign. Your hare will be a couple of yards - not meters - on your right.
Any questions, comments or compliments, call Deliverance.

Map in Hebrew - useful or useless but very attractive

-- Boston Creamed


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