31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 638

HASH TRASH - Run 638
Hare: Dead Boring

It was very, very hot, so much so that the harsh sunlight glinting off the sand prevented many from seeing the bright white of the flour circle as they entered the starting area. Well, that's my excuse for driving through the circle, anyway. Don't know what made Lager Lout or Pusher run their cars through sacred space, but the RA took note of this act of sacrilege.

The Hare, (who also happens to be the RA), promised a long and difficult run of the sort for which he is famous. But that was just a ruse as he, along with many others, knew it was very, very hot. Before long, we found ourselves at the halfway point singing a halfhearted version of Old MacDonald, which fell apart as soon as it was realized that no one knew what sound a Tyrannosaurus Rex makes.

The second half provided plenty of missed shiggy opportunities as we ran along what appeared to be a body of standing pea soup, and the run was deemed "very reedy" at the end. Down-downs were followed by a fabi-olous naming ceremony as we welcomed Bravefart into our collective bosom. Seriously.

Down Downs

RA - Dead Boring
FRB - Bravefart (aka: Fabiola)
SCB - Dr. Dolittle
Returnees - Dead Boring, Lager Lout, Pussycat (in from Africa and out to England)
Circle Abusers - Boston Creamed, Lager Lout, Pusher
Over-organization* - Boston Creamed
Cock-up - Bucks Fizz, Decibel, Lager Lout, Pussycat, Sanitary, Treasure (together in the circle for the last time)

* Thought it should be "Anal Retentive" but Dead Boring said that was rude. Can you believe it?

NOTE: A newly revised Hare Raiser's Roster has been sent out. Anyone who did not receive it and feels they ought to have, contact this address and thank you in advance for volunteering.

ANOTHER NOTE: Reprinting in full a message received in reference to Run 637:
"I believe a down-down is in order for the RA; what the hell is a Tammy award? It should be rightfully called a Dumb Belle award! Tsk, Tsk!
"On on, Dumb Belle (of 47 runs, still trying to get back there to get my 50 patch!!)"

Tsk tsk.

Directions to Run 639
The run will take place Herzliya.

There will be an on-on barbecue at Sanitary, Treasure and Decibel's house afterwards but as their cupboards are empty, everyone is asked to bring something to eat.
Beer will be provided.

And now, without further ado:
Take Highway 2 to the Kfar Shmaryahu junctionHead EAST on Menachem Begin (the name changes to Habrigada HaYehudit) Turn RIGHT onto Hadar St.There is a parking lot on the corner where your hares will be waiting.
Lost? Call Sanitary or Dr. Dolittle

Map (possibly useful, probably useless (in Hebrew))

And lastly, from the Old Jokes Home:A man with a sore bottom decides to see a doctor, who puts him on an examination table.Doctor: "Ah, you have a lettuce leaf growing out of your arse".Patient: "Oh my goodness. Is it serious?"Doctor: "It's just the tip of the iceberg".

More rollicking scatological jollity here:

-- Boston Creamed


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