31 July, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 637

HASH TRASH - Run 637
Forever Flourless
Hare: Neverfucker

It was very hot, last weekend's Hashers report, but a dogged and determined crew assembled in a Ra'anana park just off of traffic light number #14. Wait a minute? Didn't the directions say traffic light #8? They did. A special Hash Trash investigation has revealed that the Hare cited the wrong digit because he actually never learned how to count. Still, quite frankly, that's no excuse. We suggest pleading drunkenness (a legitimate reason), mental deficiency (also legitimate if a bit sad), or being "numerically challenged" (very PC!).

On-on! The Hare reports: "It was a lot of fun. It started with a bit of a kink, then on to a long, long downhill stretch to the halfway point, where Israeli kids were performing capoeira en masse by a fountain. We waited there for the walkers, who were quite whiny* about the length of the walk. Then after a rousing rendition of Father Abraham**, we were off through the parks and alleyways of Ra'anana, trespassing onto the grounds of a synagogue, and back to the start, although in the end even many of the 'runners' were walking."

Others report that the first half was hard to follow due to a lack of holds and (apparently) a lack of flour, but that the second half was more successful, with more holds and more flour.

*Translation for non-Yanks: whingy
**Is there really such a thing? -- B.C.


RA - Ferfoxsake
FRB - Naomi
Short Cutter - Dr. Doolittle
Whinging Walkers - Pusher, Dandruff, et al.
Hidden Holes / Not Enough Flour - Neverfucker
Returnees - Goldmember, Naomi, Ferfoxsake, Bullshit, Barking Mad
Tammy Award - Bullshit (for 99 runs as he doesn't know if he'll be back again for his 100th)
100 Runs - Ferfoxsake
Very Merry-Go-Round - Dandruff, Goldmember, Deliverance

Directions to Run 638

Leave Tel Aviv Haifa highway at Netanya south (IKEA) exit.
Follow the road east towards Even Yehuda.
Immediately before the railway line turn right down sandy lane.
Your Hare will be waiting.Any problems with these directions -- then you are really directionally challenged or blonde. Any lost beautiful blondes can call for assistance.[signed] Dead Boring (who loves running long distance in extreme heat!!!!)

END NOTE: Katherine suffered a very bad bicycle accident over the weekend and will be missing in action for a few weeks. She has promised to join the walkers as soon as possible. We wish her a speedy recovery.

-- Boston Creamed

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