16 August, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 642

HASH TRASH - Run 642
Runnin' in Ramat Gan

Another beautifully overcast day in the middle of August, another well-laid trail, including a walkers trail that in the end went completely unused. In the name of recycling, your pinch-hitting hare and humble scribe Boston Creamed believes that, just as she re-used the starting point, this trail can be re-hashed at a later date. You have been forewarned.

The run was deemed good, and gave people an excellent overview of what Ganei Yehoshua (Park HaYarkon) has to offer -- walking/running trails, a single breezy hilltop, jungle gyms, ducks, evil bicyclers and poisonously polluted water. The half-way point song was "Supercalifragilisticexpialdocious", which will also be sung again at a later date, so learn the words now.

We exited near the Pivko Building, the high-rise on the side of the highway that looks like a space ship, and speculated about what motivates a man like Ilan Pivko to create such a monument, and how much it would cost to buy an apartment in his phallus -- er, I mean building.

RA - Deliverance
FRB - Diabolo
DFL - Lady Flytrap*
Returnee - Lady Flytrap
Runaway Hounds (who then shortcut) - Diabolo, Dr. Doolittle, T.C.
Lost Hare (went looking for naughty runaway hounds) - Boston Creamed
Bad Hare (marking after "On In") - Boston Creamed
* Dr. D proved to the RA he wasn't last but made the ultimate sacrifice and drank beer anyway.

Dandruff, who has had surgery up top while down under, sends this update:
"Hi all -- Well a lot has happened since I last e-mailed. I had the surgery done: right mastectomy, axillary lymph node dissection and implant expander inserted into breast tissue. I must say I had a few tough days, felt like I was torn in half by a shark actually!! but each day I improved dramatically and was released from hospital Friday morning into the loving hands of my darling husband who has been really wonderful and supportive through the ordeal (that's enough slop for now). I never knew how many people cared about me until this happened, the phones and e-mails have been pouring in and the flowers, the things a girl will do to get attention!! I know you won't believe this (yes, you will), the first thing that I did when I was released was make an appointment at the hairdresser for a wash and blow dry (way to go Dandruff). Once I looked like me again (except for my tilting to the left) I felt 100%. I won't know what is happening next until I see the surgeon next week with the pathology so I'm just taking it day to day and enjoying feeling better. The weather is wonderful with bright sunny clear days and temps in the low 20s. Take care, I certainly will."

It goes without saying that we wish Dandruff a quick and complete recovery, much love, and our blessings for good health.

Directions to Run 643
We will be meeting in Kochav Yair!

From Herzliya Pituach.
Go through Raanana to Kfar Sava junction.
Take Hwy 4 to Kfar Sava exit (Tchernichovsky St.)
From Tchernichovsky St

RIGHT at 2nd or 3rd major intersection onto Weizmann Street
Follow Weizmann for several kilometers (way past Dr. D's house).
Weizmann eventually brings you to the Kochav Yair intersection
RIGHT into Kochav Yair where your Hare will be waiting at the first traffic circle, which has an olive tree in its center.

Or just take Hwy 6 to Kochav Yair

A map:
Another map:

NOTE: Both maps are equally useless.

Questions? Call Goldmember

An excellent song from an excellent band (with flying monkeys, too!).

-- Boston Creamed

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