09 August, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 641

HASH TRASH - Run 641
Thing Are Heating Up...

It was very hot (but not as hot as it was in London, we hear*). A tough kernel of die-hards gathered in the middle of Tel Aviv's glamorous Kikar HaMedina, met by Dr. Dolittle, all on his lonesome, his co-Hare having been called away for reasons that had us all looking skywards and wondering whether our bomb shelters had been swept out recently.

The threat of missile attack notwithstanding (we did run in Hadera last week, so that doens't bode well for Tel Aviv), the runners set off, only to be called back for a re-start. But this was a good thing, as our numbers were suddenly increased by one-third with the arrival of Nelly, who came several weeks ago, and her Hasher hubby Rusty Ring, who had just come. From Baku, that is.

The runners ran, the walkers walked, and a round of Father Abraham was sung in Kikar Rabin. After the halfway point it got very very hot** and a hold was missed somewhere along the way back to Gucci central. Fortunately, the hounds had the hare on their heels to whistle sharply and guide them into the sharp left turn they'd missed***.

Let it be noted that at Zusya Park, the runners were very good and did slide down the kiddie slide as instructed. Let it also be noted that it was a very good run (two thumbs up!), Dr. D. having stepped into the breach again when duty called but - once again - did NOT volunteer.

Down Downs
Hares: Dr. Dolittle and T.C.
FRB - Diabolo
DFLs - Boston Creamed, Deliverance
Virgin - Rusty Ring
Returnee - Nelly
Tardy - Nelly, Rusty Ring
Shortcutters - Boston Creamed, Deliverance, Diabolo

* "I have been in Mexico it was very very very HOT. I went to the beach and it still was very very HOT." -- Response to the question 'Have you been affected by the extreme weather?', Have Your Say, BBC Online
** Hey, if you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?
*** Damn rabbits. So aggressive nowadays.

Directions to Run 642
August 12, 2006
4:00 pm

The run will be in Ramat Gan near the Diamond Center
(and a block away from the British Council)

Meet in the parking lot next to the
Publicis Ariely advertising agency
7 Achim Bezerano Street

From Ramat Aviv/Herzliya:
Take the Ayalon Hwy SOUTH
Get off at HA-HALACHA exit.
Head towards RAMAT GAN (away from Tel Aviv)
Get onto BIALIK ST.
Take your 2nd RIGHT onto TUBAL ST.
Take your 1st LEFT onto ACHIM BEZERANO (also written BEJERANO)
You will see the PUBLICIS building & parking lot on your RIGHT.
Now slow down and look for street parking.
If you hit Abba Hillel Silver St., you've gone too far.

Here is a nice map (in Hebrew)

Questions? Call Boston Creamed

Hot Humor

"President Bush told People magazine this week that he's working on a solution for global warming. He says it will be ready in less than six months. Yeah, it's called winter." --Jay Leno

"When it gets hot, so hot you can't stand it and the steam is rising from your scalp, do you worry about global warming? Well, George Bush is now also worried about global warming, but he has a plan. He's going to invade the sun." --David Letterman

"The National Academy of Sciences says that due to pollution and global warming, this year the Earth has been the hottest since the time of Jesus which explains why the disciples were always saying, 'Jesus, it's hot.'" --Conan O'Brien

"It is so hot today that President Bush met with European leaders just for the chilly reception." --David Letterman

-- Boston Creamed
Hash Scribe

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