23 July, 2010

Hash Trash Run 852, Directions to Run 853

ATTN: Time Change this Saturday to 5:00!!!

Hash consensus seems to be that drinking before we run makes the heat less oppressive - grab a beer folks.  Crocsucker and Fart Smella took punctuality to a whole new level, arrriving 1 second before the start time.  Are you guys "parking" down the street before the hash starts?

Stiff Meat was 9/10 for checking it out.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm following him next week.  The first half was more like the first 80% but the pack agreed it was a good runners hash - whatever that means.

For next time: Ask to see Twin Peaks' record breaking rock!

Down Downs

Hares: OnOne TastyKakes, AmboHo

FRB: WindBreaker

DFL: Boston Creamed

Premature Ejaculation: Fart Smella, Boston Creamed

Doody Pics: Still Cumming

Just Because: Schmuk Me Witherspoon

Returnees: Deliverance, Windbreaker, Semen

Hash gear: Crocsucker

Ripley's Believe it or not: Twin Peaks

25 Runs: WindBreaker

(there may have been others, the Scribe lost the record paper...alcohol was involved).

Directions to Hash 853

It is at 5:00, FIVE, 1700 on Saturday the 24th of July.  This is a time change!!!

Yo yo yo


This is the link to the starting point.

It's a free parking lot (on Saturdays) between wilson and amram gaon street.


I'll be around for directions


Tal (A.K.A Fluffer) 052-8801111


Hare Roster

July 24 - Fluffer
July 31 - Semen
August 7 - Caveman
August 14 - Double Entry
August 21 - Quickie
August 28 - Pig Woman
Hash Scribe

Hash Scribe

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