15 July, 2010

Directions to Run 852, Hash Trash Run 851

It had been a while since the scribe had been to a hash.  Good thing this weeks started out with a sort-of-yogic stretch session.  The key to preparing for a run?  Beer, beer, beer, and a sort of half hearted stretch backwards to get the last drop out.

It was a lovely shady run, we wandered from park to park and only one hasher shortcutted.  the walkers didn't fare so well.  They gave up on finding the hash (one of them wanted to play on the playground) and had to be located on cell phone. 

At the end, Come to Soon was missing, but we soon found him coming from McDonald's with a giant bag of french fries for the down downs...  Kudos!  you get a beer for that.

Down Downs
Hares: AmboHo & OnOne TastyKakes
FRB: Schmuckme Witherspoon
DFL: Come too Soon
Returnees: AmboHo, OnOne TastyKakes, RamalamaBlingDong, Squeegee
Virgins: Piss Sucker, Stiff Meat
Shortcutting: Piss Sucker
Lost the Walkers: Grave Robber
Do you hear a bell?????: Fluffer

Directions to Run 852

We will meet at the parking lot off Levi Eshkol, by Hayarkon park - get there using Shai Agnon off Rt 2 (Derech Namir).  I can't describe it, but click here for a map.

Be there at 4:00, Saturday July 17!

Hare Roster - September and October now open - volunteer or be voluntold

July 24 - Fluffer
July 31 - Semen
August 7 - Caveman
August 14 - Double Entry
August 21 - Quickie
August 28 - Pig Woman

Hash Scribe

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