29 April, 2010

Hash Trash Run 840, Directions to Run 841

    We gathered in Hod HaSharon near Fartsmella's parent's home.  We ran through shiggy and climbed over pipes and ate strawberries freshlty poisoned from the fields.  After a rousing rendition of Joe Button the pack was off through the shady streets and dirt lots back to the circle.  After
the Hash an On On was enjoyed by all.

Down Downs

Hares:  Fartsmella and Crocsucker   
FRB: Itch My Rail
DFL: Biston Creamed
Returnees:  Floater, Quickie, C3P0, R2D2
Misnamers" Floater, Longhorny, Deliverance
No Hash Kit:  Just Dror, Cum Too Soon
False Hold:  Fartsmella
Cougar:  Semen
Latecomers: Just Dror, Just Michal
Not Getting Lost:  Twin Peaks
Escorting:  PigWoman
Just Because:  Double Entry
50 Runs:  Fartsmella, Longhorny

Directions to Run 841 - A Hash in Portland Style - at 1600 on May 1

The hash will begin at the paved parking lot on the beach near the
marina in Ashkelon. for a map click here

Notes from the hare
"I don't have a grill to do an on-on after, but I recommend that everyone bring a little something and we'll do the best we can.   If anyone is willing to bring a grill, we can grill on the beach. Or, my apartment is only 100 meters away. It is a small place, but it has
a balcony, and running water, so pretty much everything a hasher needs. People can shower afterward at my place if they so desire."

Like hashers need running water or showers... those portland hashers must be pretty freaky!

Lost?  Call Itch My Rail

Hare Roster

May 8th - Pig Woman
May 15th - Long Horny
May 22nd - Boston Creamed
May 29th - Goldmember

On On
Hash Scribe

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