23 April, 2010

Hash Trash Run 839, Directions to Run 840

The theme of the run was Booze Brothers Hash.  All the hashers were decked out in the new Booze Brothers t-shirts.  Jake (Cum Too Soon) and Elwood (Capt. Caveman) wearing their fedoras told the Hashers what to expect on the trail and the Hashers were off down stairs, over bridges where the runners were waiting for the walkers(?).  The runners began wingeing and fater a few phone calls the decision was made to sing the halfway song with out the walkers.  Capt. Caveman was not happy with this decision plus he was sick and moody anyway.  The down downs were held outside of Cum Too Soon's apartment building where a  couple of of Hell's Angels types named the Bastards joined us and and a rock and roll On On was held afterwards.

Unfortunately, the drunk RA has managed to lose the down down list for last week and would like to extend her apologies to all Hashers who are affected by this loss.  She will happily drink a beer as punishment at this weeks hash.  Here is what little she remembers:

Hares:  Cum Too Soon and Captain Caveman
FRB: Just Dror
DFL: Deliverance
Returnees:  Amboho, Ouzogasm
1/2 way song sung by walkers in the circle
Naming: Just Gene to Cum To Soon
DIRECTIONS TO RUN 840 - 4:00, Saturday, April 24
From North or South:
Get to route no. 4 and get off at Ra'anana South junction. Turn east towards Hod HaSharon.
Keep going until you see a turn right to Ramot HaShavim. Now drive till the end of that street, take a left and immediately another left.
There's a big parking area next to the local grocery store. Your hare will be near by.

On-on after the Hash:
There will be a convoy leaving the Hash to the crazy after-party at casa della Smella's parents. Hashers supply the meat and salads, host supplies a pool, a ping-pong table, music and plenty of movies. Bring your best bikinis and speedos.


Fart Smella 0544888165



 May 1st - Itch My Rail
May 8th - Pig Woman
May 15th - Long Horny
May 22nd - Boston Creamed
May 29th - Goldmember
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