17 June, 2010

Directions to Run 848

Directions to Run 848 -  Saturday at 4pm!
The hash will take place in Kiryat-Ono.
It is a normal hash. Nothing fancy. Maybe a small yet yummy surprise at the end...
Gathering as always at 3:45 PM (because we need to start on time people!) across the street from 2 Hameyasdim st. Kiryat-Ono.
Specific directions:
Coming from north (Herzliya etc.) or south (ashkelon etc.):
Get on road no. 4. Exit at Aluf-Sade and go toward Kiryat-Ono (that's east!).
go straight on with the road as it twists and slightly turns.
Once you get to the fifth traffic light, turn left (that's north) and cross the roundabout, we will be on your left.
relevant maps:

coming from Tel Aviv:
Get to Azrieli center (the mall). Go East on Hashalom road. Go all the way untill it changes into Aluf Sade street, keep going.
After you cross Aluf Sade Interchange (over road No. 4) the road cahnges its name, don't pay attention, just go on.
Once you get to the fifth traffic light (from the Interchange), turn left (that's north) cross the roundabout, we will be on your left.
relevant maps:
For more Directions, call us:
Spit or Swallow - 054-6717787
Just Michal - 052-8551144

Hare Roster

June 26th - Twin Peaks
July 3 - Fluffer (with a lot of hyper-patriotic Americans for an Independence day themed Run)
July 10 - AmboHo
July 17 - OnOne TastyKakes
July 24 - Boston Creamed
July 31 - Semen
August 7 - Caveman
August 14 - Double Entry
August 21 - Quickie
August 28 - Pig Woman

For the INternationally minded

There's a World Heritage Hash going on in Melaka, Malaysia next year.
15th - 17th April 2011.
Sign up via the website:

Hash Scribe

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