10 June, 2010

Hash Trash Run 846, Directions to Run 847

The Hashers circled up at the National Stadium for the first ever Ale-mpics.  They wore their country's national colors and participated in "The Parade of Nations" complete with musical instruments and noise-makers.  Afterwards they were treated to a fabulous dance and pom-pom routine performed by Twin Peaks and Deliverance complete in a Wonder Woman costume and a moving torch lighting ceremony.  Then it was off to the races.  The hashers walk/ran to the bridge where all the Australians died a few years back and a grape spitting contest was held.  Unfortunately, most of the Hashers wanted to eat the grapes rather than spit them into the Yarcon River.  The next event was the "closest to the plate beer throwing contest, followed by the high jump and then the beer relay.  Then it was back to the bridge for a "run with a full beer and don't spill contest.  Spirits were high and hashers confused. We still don't know if the red team or the blue team won, but we do have the downs downs.

Hares:  Twin Peaks and Deliverance
FRB:  Caveman
Ho: Fay
Returnees:  Floater, Fluffer, Amboho, Fay, Just Dror
Phone Use:  Goldmember
Most Talented:  Boston Creamed
Misnamers:  Deliverance, Floater, Twin Peaks
Best Smile and Musical Instrument:  Just Michal
Reliever:  Floater
Spirit of the Ale-mpics:  Twin Peaks and Deliverance
25 Badge: (way overdue): Amboho
Mug: LongHorny
Newlyweds:  Spit or Swallow and Just Michal
Naming:  Just Dror is now Spit or Swallow!

Directions to Run 847

Going Away Party for all of our friends that are departing soon! There is no better excuse for a party so the Blues Brothers are putting the band back together for an event at 11 Givat Hatachmoshet, Apt. 6 in Herzliya. Saturday, 12 June

 The festivities start with a Hash Run (or walk, or crawl) or you may come to the party afterwards.

 3:45 pm: If you want to join the Hash, it starts outside of my house at 4 pm.  The Hash will run only a few kilometers looking for clues on the ground to find the way. There are also persons that will walk a shorter course and be given directions for the shortcuts.


5:30 pm – 9:30 pm: The party starts. It is a BYOB Pot Luck affair so everyone brings a food dish to share with everyone else and anything you want to drink.  There will be an open grill for those wishing to BBQ.  

 All your friends are welcome!

Directions for the map impaired: Coming from Tel Aviv on Highway 2 (Namir),  take the Herzliya exit at the HaSira Interchange and stay in the right lane.  Take the right turn at the light after you pass the Pancake House and Paz Gas Station.  

Get in the left lane immediately to take the first left turn at the light onto Moshe Dayan Street (to the Police Station and Nordau Street).  Go around the first circle with the strange electrical utility pole art work 270 degrees to Shefayim Street. The Police Station will be on your left and take the second right on Ole HaGardom Street.  After 100 meters there is a dirt parking lot on the left side at the intersection with Givat Hatahmoshet Street. Park anywhere.  It is the white-tile townhouse on the right side of Ole HaGardom on the sidewalk-type road.      

 Directions for map readers:

Hare Roster - It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you can't set.

June 19th - Just Dror
June 26th - Twin Peaks
July 3 - Fluffer (with a lot of hyper-patriotic Americans for an Independence day themed Run)
July 10 - AmboHo
July 17 - OnOne TastyKakes
July 24 - Boston Creamed
July 31 - Semen
August 7 - Caveman
August 14 - Double Entry
August 21 - Quickie
August 28 - Pig Woman

If your name is not on the list for July or August, get ready for September! (i.e. just volunteer to Hash Trash now)

Hash Scribe

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