13 May, 2010

Hash Trash run 842, Directions to Run 843

Hash Fash' Trash - summer edition

The hashers sauntered, splish splashed and strutted the streets of Hertzelia to let all the non drinkers out there know what's in for running this season on the beach.

Caveman launched his collection of a barely there (hard not to stare) speedo, what an incentive to be FRB.  (Quick poll - who wore it better - Quickie as the soccer stripper or Caveman as the studly swimmer?).

Next up Pig Woman and Just Jake showed off some sporty running aids, available in two patterns rubber ducky and jet plane.

For those not interested in a giant inflated shape around their waste but are looking to avoid skin cancer, Grave Robber suggests a 5 kilo 2 meter beach umbrella, perfect for you, your significant other, and 4-5 other hashers to seek shade under. 

Fartsmella and Crocksucker went with a more traditional sunblock make up to better accent their surfing wear.

For the rest of the pack, you'll have to work harder to make it to the big tents of Hash Fash week.  Consolation down downs all around.

Down Downs:

FRB: Fartsmella
DFL: Boston Creamed
Doing the Quicky: Caveman
Virgins: Patricia, Jamilia
Returnees: Still cumming, AmboHo, Winter
25 Runs: Onone TastyKakes
Misnaming: Just Dror, Just Jake
No gear: Itch My Rail, Goldmember
Armed and Dangerous: Graverobber
Sex Toys: Fartsmella, Crocksucker
Directions to Run 843 - 4:00 (1600) on Saturday

the hash this week will start from the "College of Management" parking lot on Shoshana Persits street in Ramat Aviv.

From Herzliya, south on Route 2.  At the Gilot interchange, right on Yunitsman.  Turn left on 2040 and go for 1.3 km.  Left again on Shoshana Persits, and then left again torward the college.

Here is the Map

Hash Roster - Who wants to set in June?????

May 22nd - Boston Creamed
May 29th - Goldmember
June 5 -
June 12
June 19 - Just Dror
June 26

Hash Scribe

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