07 May, 2010

Hash Trash Run 841, directions to Run 842

The Hashers circled up, mainly, because there were rumors that Run 841 was beer enhanced. The Hare launched into a description of markings that made the pack long for the days of college calculus, certainly advanced mathematics would be easier than this?  The RA had a good idea: "follow someone else"  so we did.

Surprisingly, no one got lost, oh wait, except all of the walkers (more beer for the rest of us).  This was not due to an abundance of markings (the locals wiped it away - sure they did), but it seems the running hashers have a good nose for the beer.  several runners took the second half to get in touch with their inner walker (easier to carry a beer when you are walking).

After a cold one, and a lively round of Father Abraham at the first half, then the confessions started, what's that? Someones whining about that nice cold trickle running down their shorts????  Fartsmeller mastered the beer can stand - but can he do the Jerry Lewis with beer cans tied to his shoes without crushing the cans - tune in next time. 

Down Downs

Hares: Itch My rail, Just Dror
FRB: Pig Woman
DFL: Grave Robber
Shortcutters: Just Jake, Deliverance, Inbar, OnOne TastyKakes, Crocksucker
Virgins: Inbal, Rotem
Latecomers: Coldmember, Cum Too Soon
Sitting on the hash: Crocksucker
KIT????: Floater, Just Jake
stretching: Goldmember
Jerry Lewis: Fartsmeller
Good Samaritan: Fluffer, Just Jake
New Shoes: Deliverance
Misnaming: Deliverance, Floater, Goldmember
25 Runs: Pig Woman
Directions to Run 842

Wet-N-Wild -For the Hash this week the hares are encouraging hashers to come in there favorite beach gear. Don't be shy, bikini's speedos, floaties, wetsuits, surfboards, nose plugs, lifevest are all welcome.  Lets welcome summer at the beach in Herzelia.  Most of you probably know the spot. The start is at Moshe de Shalit Square under the arches.
Link for Directions.


coming from Tel Aviv, from the south,
    Take teh Herzliya exit toward Sderot Shiv'at hakohavim,
    Take exit Shiv'at HaKohavim Interchange on the LEFT toward Sderot Shiv'at Hakohavim
    Turn right at Sderot Shiv'at Hakohavim
    Continue onto Sderot Abba Eban
    Turn right at Wingate
    Turn left at Medinat HaYehudim
    Turn right at Ramat Yam
    Go through the roundabout, the square will be on your left
Lost - call Pig Woman 0526328659

Hare Roster - You can be a hare in June - respond to this e-mail

May 15th - Long Horny
May 22nd - Boston Creamed
May 29th - Goldmember
June 5 -
June 12 -
June 19 -
June 26 -

Hash Scribe

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