24 June, 2010

Hash Trash Run 848, directions to run 849

The Hashers circled up in Quirat Ono and Just Michal and Spit or Swallow told the pack what to expect along the way and the hashers were off running through lovely parks with abstract slides and swingsets.  After a rendition of "More Beer" at the halfway point, they were off and running back to the beer which was in the back of Cum Too Soon's truck which was parked on the grass of a neighborhood park, much to the chagrin og the neighbors.  After threats were made and cops were called, the Hasher's moved the truck off of publicly maintained park grass and continued celebrating.

Down downs:

Hares: Just Michal and Spit or Swallow
FRB:  deliverance
DFL: Boston Creamed
Returnees: Pregnant Pause and PigWoman
Virgin: Just Ofer
Misnamer: Twin Peaks
Late comer: Deliverance
Parking on Grass in Park: Cum to Soon
Cum to Soon:  Itch My Rail
New Shoes:  Pig Woman

(note from the Scribe - Does Pig Woman just like the taste of sock-beer?  Is she wearing other people's new shoes just to get the taste?  This is like the 10th New Shoes for her this year.  You can do your down downs through your socks anytime Pig Woman, you don't have to buy a new pair of shoes every time you get a craving. We are nice that way)

Directions to Run 849
This week's Hash will be in Savyon -- not far from last week's Hash in Kiryat Ono. this link actually gives you three different routes.  (sorry, hyperlinks isn't working for me right now)

Hare Roster

June 26th - Twin Peaks
July 3 - Fluffer (with a lot of hyper-patriotic Americans for an Independence day themed Run)
July 10 - AmboHo
July 17 - OnOne TastyKakes
July 24 - Boston Creamed
July 31 - Semen
August 7 - Caveman
August 14 - Double Entry
August 21 - Quickie
August 28 - Pig Woman
Hash Scribe

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