06 December, 2006

HASH TRASH - RUNS 658 & 659

HASH TRASH - RUNS 658 & 659
Place: Hash Weekend - Kibbutz Ze'elim
They said it couldn't be done but we done done it! The Hash Weekend took place and a fine time was had by all -- and there's photos to prove it, too, courtesy of Loose Caboose and Turn-Ho, at www.flickr.com/photos/mjasonj/. If anyone has photos they'd like to add to this gallery, mail them to Hash Trash who will forward them to the relevant parties.
Getting to Kibbutz Ze'elim wasn't difficult as long as you followed the directions and didn't lean out the car window into Gaza. Our rooms were very pleasant although it did get cold at night. Fortunately, Bravefart figured out how to crank up her room's A/C to somewhere between body temperature and the tropics; she subsequently got a lot of invitations to visit other people's bedrooms. But no. Not in that way.
Friday night's "run" was a stroll up the kibbutz path and back down again. No one broke a sweat*, no one went flying, and yet, somehow, we managed to lose Diablo and Swamp Monster (aka: Noah). Loose Caboose managed to get his exercise by running off to find them and naturally, they turned up 5 minutes later, unescorted. Down-downs were delayed by half and hour while we waited for "Lose Kibbutz" to return.
Down Downs - Run 658
Hares: Pussy Cat & friend
FRB: Lager Lout
SCB: Bravefart
Not SCB: Dr. Do-little
Returnee: Boston Creamed
Everyone else: Dr. D, Loose Caboose, Michelle, Turn-Ho
DFL: Loose Caboose
Lost: Diablo (taking the bullet for Swamp Monster)
By the time the barbecue fires were aflame, the group was joined by C3PO, R2D2 and Twin Peaks, who introduced Dead Boring to the concept of toasted marshmallows. (We expect the roof of his mouth is still embroiled, as it were, in this concept). At the end of the meal, Lager Lout handed out Hash Nobel Prizes to the deserving laureates. Boston Creamed was awarded her first Nobel Prize for Literature; Bravefart received the Nobel Prize for Economics**; Diablo got the Prize for Physics (he's a regular Hasher) Twin Peaks for Biology (cloning small Hashers); Turn-Ho and Loose Caboose for Medicine (they're irregular); Dr. Do-little for Patriotism & Loyalty and Michelle was awarded the Hash Nobel Prize for Peace.
After dinner, the adults repaired to the local pub to drink beer, play pool, and avoid paying the cover charge for a Reggae concert none wanted to see anyway. As it turns out, Ze'elim is the regional Rasta center, frequented by a lot of hairy turbaned folks who look kind of like this but not as cute.
Beautiful sunny Saturday morning was devoted to breakfast, more breakfast, spa treatments, a visit to an ostrich farm (turns out they're native to the Northern Negev), and a treasure hunt organized by C3P0, Michael, R2D2 and Swamp Monster. (Turn-Ho, an experienced public school teacher, found the buried loot, a bag of taffy, with the greatest of ease).
Goldmember drove into the kibbutz in time for lunch, which was another round of excellent barbecue, followed by a brief moment to digest (too brief, I fear, for those who actually ate) .It was then on-on to Run 659, which took place about five minutes drive away from the kibbutz, among the sand dunes where the wild go-carts play.
The location of the run was beautiful in its sparseness and there were several moments reminiscent of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" in which we scrambled to the top of a dun-colored rocky flat to look down over a dramatic vista of... more dun-colored rocky flats. We also engaged in shadow play, and came upon both water and green grass in the middle of the desert. The halfway song was "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" -- in all, the sort of surreal experience the desert provides so well.
Down-downs were held back at the kibbutz and included a naming ceremony for Michael, who swore up and down that he didn't really like the Hash name he was proposing. And we believe him. Special thanks were given to Dr. Do-little for arranging and pushing the whole Hash Weekend project from conception to completion -- up to and including the Bedouin tent groaning board -- you did a great job, Dr. D and we thank you for a wonderful time.
Down Downs - Run 659
Hares: Dead Boring, Dr. Do-little
FRB: Goldmember
SCBoys: C3P0, R2D2
Marathoner: Goldmember
Returnees: Ben 10, Boston Creamed, Goldmember, Loose Caboose, Michelle, Turn-Ho
Flying: Goldmember
Naming: Ben 10 (formerly Michael)
Defacing the Desert: Diablo***
Here's to Him! - Dr. Do-little
*Indeed, Lager Lout wishes to point out that this is the first and possibly the last time she will be FRB. Relish the moment, LL!
** She may have to give it back, as she shattered the myth of Scottish frugality by buying a round of beer at the pub later that night.
*** Again, taking a bullet for Swamp Monster. What a good dad!
1. If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
2. All those interested in a New Year's Day run with the traditional post-run dip in the sea, contact Twin Peaks, the Hare Raiser, by phone or via Hash Trash because her computer is on the fritz.
09-DecCaptain Caveman
16-DecBoston Creamed
13-JanShock & Awe
20-JanTwin Peaks
17-FebDoggie Style
24-FebFer Fox Sake
10-MarDr. Do-little
17-MarCaptain Caveman
31-MarBoston Creamed
07-AprLager Lout
14-AprTwin Peaks
21-AprShock & Awe
28-AprDead Boring
26-MayFer Fox Sake
02-JunDoggie Style
23-JunDr. Do-little
30-JunCaptain Caveman
RUN 660 - A joint HHHH and JHHH run!!!
Date: Saturday December 9th
Time: 15:00
Maps (aerial and excellent)
Directions from Herzliya/Tel Aviv
Note: The maps sent by the Hares are so good there's no real need to write out the directions but just in case...
Take Ayalon Hwy (Route 1) towards Jerusalem
Get off at Latroun exit and turn LEFT over overpass.
Turn RIGHT into Park Canada.

IMPORTANT: There will be a barbecue after the run. Bring stuff.
Lost? Call Captain Caveman - 052-244 5644
Only a few places left at the Hash table...
British Embassy Annual Christmas Ball
December 16th
David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
Evening commences at 19.00 hrs & includes cocktail reception, dinner and drinks
DJ and dancing and a prize draw for charity raffle
$75 (US) or NIS 340 per ticket
Dress: Black tie
Contact Lager Lout - ruthfretwell@hotmail.com
7.12.2006 - Beit Shean Half Marathon-Israel Championship - 21.1k
Contact: 04-6065887 - Liko Farhi
4.1.2007 - Tiberias Marathon - Israel Championship – 42k - Contact: 03-6441649 - Israel Athletics Association
17.2.2007 - Ein Gedi Half Marathon – 10k, 21k - Contact: 08-6688844 - Yaakov Akrish
23.2.2007 - Israeli Field Run Championship – 10k - Contact: 03-6486256 - Israel Athletics Association
19.3.2007 - Jerusalem Half Marathon – 10k, 21k - Contact: 02-6298047/8 - Simon Avraham
23.3.2007 - 18th Annual Ra'anana Run – 10k - Contact: 09-7610336 - Zion Dahan
28.4.2007 - Herzliya Run – 2k, 10k - Contact: dovevm@gmail.com - Dovev Mazor
NOTE: We are trying to find out why no one has any information on the 2007 Eilat Three Borders Run and hope to have some good news shortly.
No time to curl up with a good book even while on a relaxing weekend?
Which Priscilla Queen of the Desert Drag Queen Are You?
Jewish Reggae and Ska From Around the World
As if things weren't bad enough...
On-on! -- Boston Creamed


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