19 November, 2006

Hash Weekend 1-3 December '06

Please direct all responses to Dr. Do-little at: avi.scb@gmail.com
Hash Weekend 1 - 3 December '06
Kibbutz TZE'ELIM - A desert experience.  
(approx. 140 KM from Tel-Aviv)
The rooms are all equipped with: air conditioning, refrigerators, television with cable TV, kitchenette and coffee corner, adjoining bathroom facilities.
Thermo mineral spa - hot baths, Jacuzzi with thermo mineral water, dry sauna. Massage rooms with traditional and holistic treatments, booking in advance and add payment !
Bedouin style tent were we will have Saturday evening "MADPHUNA" traditional Bedouin meal: Meat casserole with vegetables cooked for a long time on an open fire, accompanied by salads and baklava.
"The Well" - Pub
Friday nights open from 23.00
The Well has a very good bar, excellent music, billiard table .....
Hashers which made already a reservations for this GREAT WEEKEND send me a.s.a.p. one Passport Number from one person which is sharing the room.
Hashers which didn't make a reservation until now and still would like to be there make reservation  NOW !!
Kibbutz is completely booked - I have the option on rooms which maybe will be cancelled.
cheers & on on
Dr. Do-Little

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