19 October, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 651

HASH TRASH - Run 651
Hares: Dead Boring, aided by Dr. Do-little
Somewhere out beyond Ramat HaSharon lies a small industrial zone surrounded by fields through which runs the Yarkon River. It was at that industrial zone, Area B at the gates of the Coca Cola factory, where we circled up around the Hares, whose shoes were suspiciously covered in red dirt and dust. What we didn't realize was that their shoes were wet as well.
We were joined by several newcomers: Liz, Ovadia, Roy and Trough Tender, who promised he'd explain his Hash name at a later date.*
On-on! The trail led us through fields of dry grass, white chalky roads, and into a wooded glade. This sounds nicer than it really was, as over the past holiday week every field and wooded glade was filled with picnickers, every chalk field overrun with ATV-ers. However, we made it past these obstacles and straight into the Yarkon's polluted waters. Twice.
Squish-squish, squish-squish. Brush those thoughts of E-coli aside -- there is nothing quite like water between your toes inside your shoes to make you feel about 9 years old again. Humble Scribe highly recommends it as a refreshing experience.
The song at the Halfway point was Joe the Button* which the Americans had to learn while doing. It is quite a fun song, with plenty of calisthenic activity, and should generally be sung (as we did) off the side of a highway, in a ditch, away from the prying eyes of the public.
C3PO and R2D2 received their 50 Run badges during the Down-downs. We congratulate them both and hope to award them 75 Run badges in half a year's time or a decade. This will depend on how interesting we continue to be.
One Hasher who was noticably absent this week, text-messaged the following message upon her return to Israel on Sunday: "...and the FRB at the Bahrain Black Hash was none other than... Bravefart!" So, Here's to her, she's a blue**, etc. etc.
We are now entering into the rainy season. Humble Scribe therefore no longer feels it necessary to comment on the varying degrees of heat (hot; very hot; very, very hot; excruciatingly hot; hellishly hot, August, etc.) and will recommence regular reports when the real weather ends.
* Googling didn't help.
** Prompt (case sensitive) - User ID: shiggy / Password: gispert
*** Ibid
FRB - Diabolo
DFL - Ovadia
Virgins - Liz, Ovadia, Roy, Trough Tender
Barbie Doll Award (for Much Pink Clothing) - Twin Peaks
Trying to Influence the RA - Stroker
50 Runs - C3PO, R2D2
Job Hunting - Ovadia
Poured Too Much Beer - Lager Lout
Date: Saturday, October 21
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: Lehi Park near Latrun.

Deliverance writes:

From Herzliya and Tel Aviv (about a 30 minute drive from Herzliya):
Take the Ayalon to Highway 1 towards Jerusalem and the airport. You will eventually see signs for Latrun. Exit at Latrun and make your first right by the large coffee shop and gas station. Continue down the street, pass Mini-Israel and go up the winding hill. At the top of the hill start to look for the park entrance on your right. Your Hare will be waiting...

If you get lost, please call Deliverance
MAP (purloined from Mini-Israel)
Global Trash last week sent out a message listing the Top Twenty Nations by Number of Hashes. The US is in first place, as is to be expected for a country of its size. Interestingly, Australia comes in second with 223, only then followed by the UK with 213, but if one counts New Zealand with 52, then the margin dividing Britain from its former colonies Down Under is unexpectedly wide. Hmm... let's think... The only factor strong enough to skew the statistics so greatly must be... beer!, which is still consumed with gusto in Australia, while the British have gone all soft and Euro-trashy, perhaps taking to drinking white wine spritzers at their Hashes. It's a theory. Anyway, here's the list:

United States of America: 458
Australia: 223
United Kingdom: 213
Malaysia: 127
Indonesia: 70
New Zealand: 52
Canada: 46
Thailand: 30
Germany: 28
Japan: 21
Philippines: 19
China, People's Republic of: 16
Korea, Republic of (South): 16
France: 15
India: 15
Brunei Darussalam: 12
Nigeria: 12
Papua New Guinea: 12
South Africa: 12
Turkey: 12
Lager Lout writes:
Dear All,
Quiz Night is fast approaching.
Friday 3rd November - 7pm
Put the date in your diaries. Details to follow. Forward to anyone interested.
Please RSVP to me. ruthfretwell@hotmail.com
AND... Hash Weekend!
Save the weekend of December 1-3. That's the date set for this year's Hash Weekend. Contact your local committee member for more details or write to this address, and someone will reach out and touch you.
The British Embassy Annual Christmas Ball will be held on December 16th at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. More details to come, but meanwhile, it's probably best to get all black ties and ball gowns to the cleaners now.

-- Boston Creamed


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