20 September, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 647

HASH TRASH - Run 647
Twin Peaks' Tour of Two Hills

The weather was very, very hot but spirits were high as a large group gathered at the top of one of Ramat Gan's two major hills. Visiting Hasher Huge Packer of the San Diego HHH was briefed on the local marking system -- 1, 2, 3 and you're on -- and On-on we were.

Seventies nostalgia seemed a major theme of the run, as the previous night's Quiz event had included a question about a certain landmark dance song by Van McCoy that had T.C. boogying uphill to the disco beat. We would have run to the tuneful strains of Swiss cow bells, had last week's FRB not neglected to carry a certain something, the lack of which would cost him a down-down later on.

The halfway point was at the top of Ramat Gan's other high hilltop. Twin Peaks tried to share her new-found passion for country music by leading everyone in a song based on an old joke about country music* but the group's response ranged from highly unenthusiastic to downright hostile. Apparently Hashers don't do well with deeply heartfelt, melodic songs - at least not while sober - but does this condemn us to lifetime of "Father Abraham"? Perhaps the Hash Songbook (link accompanied by user ID and password** this time) will rescue us from our dire musical straits.

The second half was short and sweet. Taking shortcutting to its logical extreme, Dr. Do-little suddenly appeared out front, leading the runners in sudden burst of speed, and eliciting the following exchange:
Ferfoxsake: "Where'd he come from?"
Deliverance: "I think he popped a Viagra."

On the way back, Captain Caveman's chest started giving him trouble, but kudos are still in order for running 30k that morning. Just keep swabbing those nipple rings with alcohol, Captain, and you'll be alright in no time.

*The joke goes:
Q: What do you get when you play country-western songs backwards?
A: You get your wife back, your house back, your dog back, and you sober up.
** User ID: shiggy / Password: gispert

RA - Ferfoxsake
FRB - Diabolo
No Bell - Diabolo
Lance Armstrong Award - Katherine
Virgin - Huge Packer
On-on - Dr. Do-little
Luddite - Deliverance (had everything but the heart rate monitor band)
Returnees - Captain Caveman, Ferfoxsake, Goldmember, Neverfucker, Twin Peaks
Farrah Fawcett Award - Captain Caveman
Taking a Phone Call in the Circle- Goldmember

Doing The Hustle - T.C.
Getting Back - Twin Peaks
Directions to Run 648
Date: September 23
Time: 16:00 pm
Place: Yaqum exit, south of Netanya
Important: There will be an On-on afterwards (details below)
From wherever you are go NORTH on Hwy 2
Past Herzliyya Pituach / Kfar Shmaryahu exit
Past Rishpon exit
Past Gaash exit
Then take the Yaqum exit as if you are going to Europark.
You will see a Gas Station as you exit the Hwy and before Europark Complex.
Circle is behind the Gas Station or somewhere nearby.
Meet the hares Pusher & Fer Fox Sake at 4pm.
Lost? Call Pusher or in case of real emergency call Fer Fox Sake who can give you directions on how to run there.

MAP (completely misspelled and for some reason doesn't mention Europark)
Dandruff is back here on Wednesday and on Saturday there will be a farewell On-on for Dandruff & Pusher at Lager Lout's house. Please bring meat to BBQ and a salad to share.
1 Hamelech Yehoshafat St
Herzliya Pituach
QUERY No. 1: Scamology 419
Hash Trash this week received a missive from a certain Dr. Gregory Mancer of the UK, who wishes "to make a transfer involving a huge amount of base 15,000,000.00 {Fifteen Million B.Pounds Sterlings} of Late Mr Mark Smith who died (sic)". Dr. Mancer proposes an offer of 20% of the total amount to be ours after the transfer has been successfully concluded. Wow, kids, this sounds like a great offer. Suggest we submit it to this website, solely devoted to the literary genre originated by the Lads from Lagos. Other (printable) suggestions welcome, too.
QUERY No. 2: Hash Weekend or Bust
Interested? Time's a wasting! Write to hashers_r_us@yahoo.com.
AND, IN CLOSING: Holyland HHH Gets Hard Core
Embroidered patches are sooo 20th century...


-- Boston Creamed


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