13 September, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 646

HASH TRASH - Run 646
Hares: T.C. and Dr. Doolittle

It was hot as we circled up on in a dusty lot on the border of Herzliya and Har Nof. Althought the run was not far from the national park that houses the ancient city of Appolonia, we never made it inside the gates but veered off instead towards Herzliya Pituach. This seemed wrong to some* who kept DFR-ing it northwards until logic** prevailed.

On-on we ran under the boughs that shade Ha-Nassi St. so beautifully. There was a statue of a lion at the halfway point that served as inspiration for a heartfelt rendition of "Born Free". It was then we learned that today's young folk don't know about Elsa the lioness, a shortcoming that must be rectified, so Pussycat, this link is for you.

The runners' ranks were diminished during the second half as Dr. Doolittle joined the walkers while Pusher "forgot" that he'd promised to join the run... or did he? In any case, it was very hot, in case that wasn't mentioned hitherto, and a nice cold beer was just the prefect refreshment at the end.

Hashing in absentia, Dead Boring phoned it in -- literally -- sending an SMS from parts unknown that read: "Tell everyone I have just run 12k on the hotel treadmill". So, here's to him, he's a blue, etc. etc.

*To me, primarily.
** Illogic, I think!
FRB: Diabolo
DFL: Deliverance
SCB: Dr. Doolittle
Being too good and volunteering to set the Hash: T.C.
Liar: Pusher
False Accuser: Deliverance
Terrible Handwriting: Dr. D.

Directions to Run 647
Time: 16:00 pm
Place: Ramat Gan
Coming from the North
Take the Ayalon Freeway south towards Tel Aviv.
Get off at HA-HALACHA exit.
Stay to your RIGHT following the sign for RAMAT GAN and BIALIK Street.
Cross over the bridge - this puts you on Bialik Street.
Go straight through 4 traffic lights -- at the 5th traffic light turn LEFT onto JABOTINSKY.
Go straight through 1 traffic light and before you reach the 2nd traffic light turn RIGHT onto ZOHAR Street (a little side street). Go till the end.
Turn LEFT onto HERZL then a QUICK RIGHT onto MOSHE SHARETT street.
Up the hill and park on the street near the Ben Gurion School.
If you reach a water tower you have gone to far.
Lost? Call Twin Peaks
All those interested in a Hash trip over the Thanksgiving weekend break, please write to Hash Scribe at hashers_r_us@yahoo.com.
The Web's number one site for pictures of cheese in famous places.
Hashers take note: There are not enough pictures of cheese in the Middle East, none of cheese in Israel and the Bulgarian situation is also strangely bleak. http://www.cheeseontour.com/

IN CLOSING: ISRAEL RUN CALENDAR 2006 (and some 2007)
Now you can never say you didn't know...

-- Boston Creamed


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