05 September, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 645

HASH TRASH - Run 645
Hares: Stroker, aided by Dead Boring

It was only hot and (thanks to an excellent set of directions) everyone gathered in time to see Pusher, once again, prove his readiness for Israeli citizenship with a crunching display of fender-bending parking expertise.

Dead Boring warned that there hadn't been enough flour to mark the trail properly, (Stroker having forgotten to buy flour had to borrow a cup or two from the neighbors). That said, the runners set off through the very same-y streets of Ramat Aviv, a neighborhood comprised of apartment block upon apartment block, connected by sidewalks paved with Ackerstein cobblestones, and cobbled with Ackerstein pavement slabs. Thank goodness some of the blobs were white flour and others brown whole wheat, otherwise the runners might have gotten mixed up, what with all those identical streets. The walkers, having nothing more than a detailed map to guide them, missed the halfway mark, and had to be called back.

The halfway point song was "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" replete with hand gestures. For those not yet familiar with this version, also known as the Hash Hymn, please refer to the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_Low,_Sweet_Chariot. There will be a pop quiz in the near future.

Boston Creamed has devised a little dance of joy that may be performed upon approaching any hold or while in the circle: simply run backwards for a few steps and do a little jig. The part where you step on and crush your sunglasses is optional.

Some statistics about the run: Fifty percent of the run was set in whole wheat flour and fifty percent in white flour. Fifty percent of the hares were female and fifty percent were male. Fifty percent of the runners were female and fifty percent were male. Fifty percent of the runners were FRB at any one time, while fifty percent were DFL.

And now, without further ado...
RA - Dead Boring

FRB - Boston Creamed
DFL - T.C.
SCB - Dr. Doolittle
Returnee - Pat
Condomnation - Bravefart
Stinky (and parking like an Israeli) - Pusher
Flourless - Stroker
Dancin' Fool - Boston Creamed
Directionally Challenged - Lager Lout
25 runs - Boston Creamed
50 runs - Stroker

WARNING: Bravefart has accessorized the Hash Shit shirt with some attractively long latex balloons (6-9 inches) that should now not be reused because they have pin-holes in them.

Another "7 Seconds of Love" hit video (with cute kittens):

Directions to Run 646
Time: 16:00 pm
Place: Nof Yam / Herzliya Pituach
Directions: Take Route 2/Coast Hwy/Namir Rd north to the Rabin interchange (Herzliya Pituach - Kfar Shemaryahu).
Turn LEFT on Keren Hayesod.
Proceed to the second traffic circle (Wingate St).
Turn RIGHT on Wingate.
Half kilometer on the left will be a dirt parking lot (immediately beyond Tamir Park; just opposite HaBrosh St).
Hares will be waiting there. Cheers.
Lost? Call TC or Pat
Map (in Hebrew, etc.):

Good news! In addition to being listed on the Global Hash Trash, the H4 blog has been accepted to the A1 Hash House Harriers (H3 Web Ring) exposing us (!) to over 140 other Hash sites from around the world.

-- Boston Creamed


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