04 October, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 649

HASH TRASH - Run 649
The Circle Game
Hare: Boston Creamed
It was very hot again, despite meteorological assurances that it would be merely hot. We were joined by visiting Hashers Ben and Dave, who "wander the world doing as little as possible", a statement that could not fail to elicit sighs of envy from those of us who must stay in one place to accomplish the same.
Taco Balls called and said he would arrive in 10 minutes. 11 minutes later, we circled up, still Taco Ball-less. The Hare explained the run's concept*: circles, circles and more circles. The rule of the day: every time a traffic circle was encountered, the runners were to go around it three times. This worked well for the first part, and the Diamond Bourse area was dizzily explored to the last garbage-filled, urine-stained corner.
Things broke down near the halfway point when the walker and the runners met up at the corner of Tel Aviv's Arlozorov and Menachem Begin streets, the walkers having overshot Tel Aviv's Jabotinsky street (due to faulty instructions given by the Hare, who violated Hash Rule No. 46, Paragraph 2**) and further confused by the fact that Ramat Gan's Jabotinsky street connects to Tel Aviv's Arlozorov. Ack.
After several frantic cell phone calls, the walkers and runners -- joined by Taco Balls, Michelle and Michael -- met up again in the geometric center of Tel Aviv's biggest roundabout, Kikar HaMedina, for a quick rendition of Ring Around the Rosie (Ring Around the Roses)*** followed -- by request-- with Swing Low Sweet Chariot (with requisite hand gestures).
The "three times around the circle" rule was waived for Kikar HaMedina, and the runners set off Ramat Gan-wards. The front runners missed a hold but Grand Master Dr. Do-little did much, shooting ahead in a burst of speed to call them back. Eventually, we all met up again for beer that was either too warm or too cold, depending on whether you say "traffic circle" or "roundabout", "Rosie" or "Roses"****.
* Make that conceit.
** The first rule of Hashing may be that there are no rules, but there sure are a lot of conventions to uphold.
*** Circle theme again!
**** The regionalisms don't end there. Check out: http://www.popvssoda.com/
RA - Dead Boring
FRB: Dead Boring
SCB Dr. Do-little
Virgins - Dave, Ben
Late - Taco Balls (clock change was that night, not that afternoon!)
Breaking Rule No. 46, Paragraph 2 - Boston Creamed
Missing Hold - Dead Boring, Diabolo, Stroker
Flying - Deliverance
Hash Brats - C3PO, Michael, Pussycat, R2D2
200 Runs - Lager Lout
Walking While Dressed Like a Runner - Bravefart
Jabotinskily Challenged - Lager Lout, Twin Peaks
Directions to Run 650
Place: Ra'anana
Neverfucker writes: Let's meet at 3 at Gadi Notes park on Borochov St. in Ra'anana. Some Hashers will remember that this is the park with the large fountain, where the Ra'anana youth practice Kapoeira on Saturdays.

From Herzliya Pituach:
Cross #2 Highway going EAST on Menachem Begin St. and go all the way to
the end.
LEFT onto Derech Yerushalayim (towards Ra'anana)
RIGHT onto Achuza St. going EAST. Go straight until you reach the built
up area.
LEFT onto Borochov St. at the Kodak store.
STRAIGHT through 2 traffic circles, and Gadi Notes Park will be on
your left. Look for the large fountain, and park on the street.

From Tel Aviv / Kochav Yair / other
Take Highway #4 to Ra'anana exit and turn onto Ahuza St. going WEST.
Go straight until you reach the built up area.
RIGHT onto Borochov St. at the Kodak store.
STRAIGHT through 2 traffic circles, and Gadi Notes Park will be on
your left. Look for the large fountain, and park on the street.

The Hare(s) will be waiting at Gadi Notes Park (on your left).
Lost? Call Neverfucker: 054 802 7498

Oddly enough, despite its large English-speaking population, the Municipality of Ra'anana has not yet updated their website to include a proper map of the area. Here is a lovely satellite view of the city instead.
FYI: The Blogosphere To The Rescue!
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Wonder no more. Just click here:
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IN CLOSING - We're Winners!
Hurrah! The Holyland Hash House Harriers have won the Powerball Euro E-Mail Lottery! According to our ticket agent, one Mr. Andrew Gordon, our "winning ticket number 219028657434 with serial number 918735625 drew the lucky numbers of 21-70-81-82-99, which consequently won the lottery in the 1st category." Mr. Gordon goes on to say that we "have therefore been approved for a lump sum payment of 1,000,000.00 euros only, which is deposited with the United Kingdom Clearing house in your favor as beneficiary and covered with HIGH INSURANCE POLICY." Thank goodness for that.
In his excitement, Mr. Gordon then breaks down into gibberish, stating: "it is important that you keep your winning confidential to avoid people garnering your information and subsequently making claim with your winning paraphernalia information¬ís, POWERBALL EURO E-MAIL INTERNATIONAL will decline payment if such irregularity occurs."
Mr. Gordon may be contacted at the following Hong Kong Yahoo! mail address - contact_officer201@yahoo.com.hk - but having now told everyone about the win (and posted it on the H4 blog), Hash Scribe has allowed for the garnering of information and irregularly contravened the lottery terms for our winning paraphenalia so payment of the 1 million euros will likely be declined. These things happen. Sorry.

-- Boston Creamed

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