31 October, 2006

HASH TRASH - Run 653

HASH TRASH - Run 653
Hares: Twin Peaks aided by Bravefart
Hash at the Speed of Live
Last Wednesday and Thursday, all the wellsprings of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. On Friday, Twin Peaks and Bravefart laid a "bee-yootiful trail" -- so we were told -- which subsequently washed away on Saturday, leaving them no recourse but to do a Live Hare.
For those who don't know, this is a Hash in which the Hares get a head start of several minutes in which to lay the trail. If the hounds catch up with them during the course of the run, well, you can just imagine the consequences.*
After the Hares took off, there was some debate as to whether the head start was for two minutes or three. Fer Fox Sake said with certainty that it was three... or two... and eventually settled on two and a half.** Thanks to this generosity of spirit, the Hares actually had to hide behind a building while the pack passed, after which they snuck round the back and continued onwards. Meanwhile, the hounds were wandering about, wondering why the trail had disappeared. Eventually, however, it was picked up again and On-on we went.
The run was conducted at a leisurely gait, as some were in the final stages of training for the New York City Marathon, which takes place this coming weekend in New  York City, of all places, while Deliverance had just completed the Eilat Triathlon. The conversation, therefore, deviated from the ever-compelling subject of hydration accessories, to center around the even more fascinating if slightly creepy subject of leg hair removal in male marathoners. And again, we make note of the emergence of she-maledom in the Holyland HHH and mourn the absence of more pleasant topics, like nipple chafing.
The Down-downs included a "Congratulations" to Deliverance, a big "Good Luck" send-off to the NYC Marathoners, and "Well Dones" to those who had never done a Live Hare or a Hash without a halfway point before. Boston Creamed also asked all to lift a glass to friend and mentor Robert Rosenberg, poet, author and true newsman, who died last week, too young and too soon.
On the subject of them wot can't hold their likker, Dead Boring wished to point out that his NIS 380 bar bill was only one-third of the infamous Brit boyz nite out. His take on his worried mate's remonstrations: "You should hear it with a hangover".
* A Down-down -- what did you think?
**Web research reveals that most other Hashes give 10 minutes -- but who's counting?
FRBs: Dead Boring, Stroker
Triathaloner: Deliverance
NIS 380 Bar Bill: Dead Boring (for incurring it), Boston Creamed (for writing about it)
NYC Marathoners: Captain Caveman, Fer Fox Sake, Goldmember, Twin Peaks
Smooth n' Silky: Captain Caveman
Run wi/No Breaks: C3P0, Liz, R2D2
Dead Friend: Boston Creamed
Time: 3:00 pm
Date: November 4, 2006
Place: Ramat HaSharon Cemetery, Morasha Junction
Dead Boring writes:
Take the 5 towards Ariel. Go past the tennis centre then leave the 5 at the exit for the 4. Go down the slip road then straight on as if going back on the 5. Take first right and park in the Ramat Ha Sharon cemetery car park.
These directions were written by Dead boring. However they were explained to him over the phone by a pissed up Dr Do-little.
Good luck! If you are lost call Dr D on 054 445 3106 -- On On
MAP (truly questionable)
Just for kicks, the Highway 5 Wikipedia entry:
Friday 3rd November - 7pm
RSVP to Lager Lout: ruthfretwell@hotmail.com 
AND... Hash Weekend at the Dead Sea !!!
DATE: December 1-2, 2006
PLACE: Kibbutz Almog at the Dead Sea.
COST : 900 NIS for a couple for 2 nights (Kids prices to follow)
Price includes food and drink.
There are 8 rooms available at this price so first come first served.
Contact: Dr. Do-little avi.scb@gmail.com or Lager Lout ruthfretwell@hotmail.com
Several local events take place this Friday morning, including the Endure-Rosh HaAyin Womens' 10k Run - http://www.endure.co.il/newsWomentri.asp; an 8k run through the Ramat Gan Safari - http://www.4sport.co.il/cust/race/files/adv/294.html - (don't get eaten by a tiger); and of course, the Azrieli Center 40 story staircase climb - http://www.shvoong.co.il/bike/Azrieli/ - which will give you buns of steel, guaranteed.
CUTE: Geek cats
Nicked from the folks at www.b3ta.com who say that you can't really go wrong with a gallery of endearing cats. http://nodwick. humor.gamespy. com/cats/ cats.htm
An addictive website chock full o' sound bites. http://dailywav.com/index.php. Personal favorite: http://dailywav.com/0203/damnyouinternet.wav
N' CRAZY: Engrish.com
As maddening as it is to read the misspelled menus (mashrooms? jintonik? bulls balls?) and road signs (was that Caesarea we just passed? Qesarya? Kessaria? Oh damn, we're in Givat Olga), Israel still can't hold a candle to Japan. Check out http://www.engrish.com/
-- Boston Creamed

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