21 March, 2007


The Wearin' of the Green (and Brown)
Place: Tel Afek Park (Antipatrus)
Hare: Captain Caveman, aided by Russian Bride

We should've known. The meeting point was a parking lot next to a train station, early morning rain and late afternoon sun had created the perfect conditions for our Hares (already known to be great lovers of shiggy), and it was St. Patrick's Day.

And indeed, our trail took us on train tracks, through muddy waters the color of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Down-downs were performed with Guinness (or whiskey, for those who preferred).

We were joined by visiting Chicago Hasher Angelle ("Just Angelle"), in town to do the Jerusalem Half Marathon en route to the Berlin Half Marathon. While Saturday's run likely did not enhance her training and indeed, may have only proved detrimental (those poor new shoes...) we wish her well nonetheless.

Many flour blobs had been washed away by rain but fortunately, we had the Hare and his lovely short-cutting assistant (playing a dual role as Hash Flash*) to guide us at certain parts. We also had to forego the second half of the run because the entrance to Tel Afek park was locked up a half-hour early.

But all was forgiven because of the On-on barbecue on-afterwards. Having been instructed to bring green food, Twin Peaks complied with spinach salad and Deliverance provided sliced kiwi while Russian Bride produced a bag filled with some odious looking fluorescent green porkchops.** For desset, Russian Bride continued his culinary experimentation with a more successful dish: braised bananas on skewers. Mmmm... with a splash of booze, these would be just perfect.

* R.B.: Please send photos! -- B.C.
** These were grilled until they turned a dark forest green.

Hare: Captain Caveman aided by Russian Bride
FRB: Diablo
DFL: Deliverance (lugging an 80lb. weight known as Rocket)
Returnees: Barak, Boston Creamed, Loose Caboose, Taco Balls, Turn Ho,
Virgin: Just Angelle
Birthdays: Angelle, C3PO, R2D2
25 Runs: Bravefart
Backtracking Trail: Capt. Caveman
Bun in Oven: Just Michelle (due in September!)
FaHashion Victim: Goldmember
Muddiest: Twin Peaks [splashed by] Caveman, Russian Bride


A quick instant message on Saturday to Dead Boring and Stroker, wishing them Good Luck in the Rome Marathon, elicited the following rapid response: "Cheers you lot. Am Sure we will be fine. Problem is, Maayan has banned beer till after the marathon." Fortunately, they didn't have to wait very long at all. "Just to let you know we broke the magic 4 hours..." read the follow-up message received by Humble Scribe on Sunday afternoon. The speedy duo's time: 03:054.

Meanwhile, our representative to the Jerusalem Half-Marathon, Diablo, completed his run in 01:50:06; Angelle - 02:14:27.

And, on the other side of the earth, Fer Fox Sake apparently has plans to walk back to Israel, writing: "Greetings to all Hashers from the land downunder, One Ultra down one to go. Well, by the time you circle up this weekend, I will hopefully be fast asleep after finishing a 100km Ultra on Friday this week in Melbourne, hoping to be able to finish in approximately 15 - 17 hours. Full report from the 6ft Ultra Trail marathon in my Point One blog. http://point1of1percent.blogspot.com/

"If anyone wants to track my team on the 100km Ultra this Friday 7am start local (10 pm Thursday HHH Time) go to:http://www2.oxfam.org.au/trailwalker/Melbourne/
then enter team Number 151 name Dragmoe
To track our endeavours, all four on the team have to finish and complete the entire 100km
Looking forward to seeing eveyone in a few weeks. Cheers -- FFS"

Place: Tel Aviv, Arlozorov-North Train Station - Jabotinsky entrance parking lot
Date: March 24, 2007
Time: 3:00pm
Hare: Boston Creamed
Take Route 2 (Namir Road) towards Tel Aviv.
Turn LEFT off Namir and onto Jabotinsky (in the direction of the diamond bourse)
Take an immediate RIGHT into the parking lot where your Hares will be waiting
Lost? Call Boston Creamed
23.3.2007 - 18th Annual Ra'anana Run - 10k - Contact: 09-7610336 - Zion Dahan
24.3.2007 - Ramat Hasharon Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
30.3. 2007 - Rishon LeZion Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
13.4,2007 - Mount Tabor Run - 11k around the Tavor - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
13.4,2007 - The 14th Dead Sea Ultra Marathon in Jordan
17.4.2007 - Ashkelon Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
27.4.2007 - Dalia Run - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
28.4.2007 - Herzliya Run - 10k, 2k - Contact: dovevm@gmail.com - Dovev Mazor
11.5.2007 - Gaash Run - 10k, 5k - http://www.realtiming.co.il/ - Registration closes 8.5.2007
2.6.2007 - Herzliya Women's Trialthlon - Contact: 09 774 9015, 052 358 0004 - http://www.women-tri.com/
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet"
On-on! Boston Creamed


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