01 February, 2007

HASH TRASH - Run 667

Devil Run Plus One
Place: Hof HaSharon National Park & Beach
Hare: Deliverance
There is a great photo circulating around the web right now that shows just how thick the fog that blanketed Israel's central and Sharon regions on Saturday actually was. The after-effects of the fog were just as dramatic: flour blobs congealed, broke into bits and were swallowed up by Mother Earth. At least, that's the theory floated by the Hare as Run 667 threatened to end even before it began.
Flour! My kingdom for some flour! Not only were blobs few and far between, but the Hare actually admitted to scant markings within the national park area; she would be punished later but still, we must applaud her commitment to environmental awareness.
Dr. Do-little gave Fer Fox Sake a bit of a scare by appearing and disappearing, as is his wont, without even any fog to conceal him. His powers are truly amazing and it's unfortunate that Uri Geller named his new heir without witnessing Dr. D's abilities.
The second half took the runners down to the beach -- the hard way. The Hare and RA conferred and erred as to which cliffside path to take, leaving the hounds to scramble through narrow channels, eventually having to leap inelegantly to terra firma. Scrapes were disinfected in the Eastern Mediterranean, a body of water famous not so much for its healing properties but more for being the regional backwash of marine pollution.*  
The Down-downs celebrated the return of Bravefart, who is treating her Achilles heel with shoe therapy (six pairs of flats to replace her high heel collection), Loose Caboose and Turn-Ho's coming on time**, and the arrival of Virgin Gayle, who narrowly missed having her running shoes baptized for the second time*** by an overly enthusiastic Diablo.
What won't Fer Fox Sake do for Fox's sake? Rupert Murdoch's empire was clearly set to be bankrupted by the amount of vacation time accrued by FFS who instead graciously agreed**** to take the two months off and go shark diving. Hey, it's not as exciting as a tour around Iraq or last summer's Lebanon war, but life can't be that fun all the time. We wish the RA a great trip and will muddle through in his absence, ably led by Ass. RA Dead Boring.*****
* I am NOT whinging, just pointing out a fact.
** And simultaneously!
*** He drizzled beer on them two weeks earlier at a Thirsty Knights run.
**** Meaning: Bowed to the pressure of News Corp's Inhuman Resources department.
***** DB writes from his bed of pain: "How could Diablo be FRB when he was the hare? The record of run 666 which will appear in the Holyland Hash bible and be the guiding light to future hashers for millions of years should read FRB DEAD BORING (thou shalt not bestow such an honour on one so unworthy as Diablo)." Duly noted by Hash Scribe and gauntlet duly thrown at Diablo. We await Round 2.
Hare - Deliverance
FRB - Diablo
Scary Short Cutter - Dr. Doolittle
Virgin - Gayle
Imelda Award - Bravefart
On Time - Loose Caboose, Turn Ho
Birthday - Twin Peaks
Gone Fishin' - FFS
Date: Saturday, February 3, 2007
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: Hadera
Twin Peaks writes: "Head North on the Coastal Road (#2) pass Netanya, Mikmoret, etc til the Hadera Exit (before Caesarea).  After exiting the highway, make a right turn towards Hadera (white sign), [if you continue straight, you will be right back on the Coastal Road towards Caesarea]. Turn Right at the first set of lights (towards Givat Olga), cross over the bridge. Turn right following the signs towards Tel Aviv. At the T, make a left (towards the sea) following an orange sign that reads Givat Olga Holiday House).  This is Ishay Street.  Go straight heading towards the sea, make your first right into Park Nahal Hadera (Hadera River Park).  Big Sign in English. Follow paved road towards the Power Station til the sandy parking lot on right.
"If by chance, you are coming from the North or decided to spend the morning and early afternoon touring Caesarea or you for some reason or another missed the Hadera Exit.  Turn around at Caesarea and head South on the Coastal Road and take the Hadera Exit and make your first right on to Ishay Street. Go straight heading towards the sea, make your first right into Park Nahal Hadera.  Big Sign in English. Follow paved road towards the Power Station til the sandy parking lot on right. Your Hares will be waiting."
Lost? Call Twin Peaks 052 874 3662
Map (in Hebrew)
Info (in English - Hadera River not so polluted as it used to be)
Yes folks, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, pictures of a bunch of people riding on a bus, running around in the damp, drinking beer out of plastic cups and eating barbecue standing up are now available for all to share. So far, Humble Scribe has managed to upload 2 out of some 50 pictures (computer is grinding away slowly) and hopes to have them all online before Run 777 comes around.
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet" now downloadable and print-ready.
They're really happening. No joke. Get ready.
18.2.2007 - The 24nd Dead Sea Half-Marathon
Ein-Gedi, Dead Sea, ISRAEL
Sign-up deadline: February 10
23.2.2007 - Israeli Field Run Championship - 10k - Contact: 03-6486256 - Israel Athletics Association
3.3. 2007 - Kfar Sava Run - 10k - 1-700-700-305 - Shvoong or 09-7640836/8 - K.S. municipality
Sign-up deadline: March 1
9.3. 2007 - 2007 Eilat Three Borders Half Marathon - 21k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
17.3 2007 - Nes Ziona Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
19.3.2007 - Jerusalem Half Marathon - 10k, 21k - Contact: 02-6298047/8 - Simon Avraham
23.3.2007 - 18th Annual Ra'anana Run - 10k - Contact: 09-7610336 - Zion Dahan
24.3.2007 - Ramat Hasharon Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
30.3. 2007 - Rishon LeZion Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
13.4,2007 - Mount Tabor Run - 11k around the Tavor - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
28.4.2007 - Herzliya Run - 2k, 10k - Contact: dovevm@gmail.com - Dovev Mazor
Contact Lager Lout for details. Also, in case anyone couldn't remember the name of the store LL mentioned that advertises the lowest prices in the country for New Balance shoes (guaranteed, whatever that means nowadays), it's called LONGO, and is at 12 Zarhin St., Ra'anana Industrial Zone. Tel: (09) 743 9976.
On-on! -- Boston Creamed

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