14 February, 2007


The Dog Ate My Blobs
Place: Park Ra'anana
Hares: Neverfucker
Call us "half-Hashed". That everybody knowingly parked at the wrong starting point and then had to move, that the Hare forgot to map out a walkers trail and quickly tried to make up for it with a hastily drawn geometric-shaped scrawl (see below), and that the dearth of flour blobs was explained away with "I think maybe some dogs ate them" -- all these facts were indicative of the entire afternoon's tone... fun in spite of the midwinter blahs.
At the outset came the big news of the day: the return of Russian Bride to Israel and the Hash after a year away. On Thursday night, a visiting Triar Fruck told the Thirsty Knights Hash he would be showing up, then said he'd forgotten something in the car and returned moments later with a blushin' Russian Bride. The trick was repeated to great effect at Friday's Quiz Night and then again on Saturday -- by that time there was no one left to surprise. Russian Bride will be re-taking up residence at the usual place and is hard at work getting his barbecue grill back. Further details (he mentioned something about water balloons) to follow.
The walkers missed the halfway point! Well, who can blame them, with the map they were given (see below). The runners eventually came to their aid and quite an impressively large group sang a few rounds of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".
The Hare warned the runners at the start that they would be trespassing into private property at a certain point. It turned out to be so much more -- a jaunt through someone's back yard that felt like a fast magic carpet ride in and out of Yemen -- and we were back on the brick lanes of fake Holland-y style* suburbia.
At a certain point, Triar Fruck was seen wandering into some shrubbery. He later claimed that, as he has a second degree in botany, he had merely stopped to examine some weeds. RA Dead Boring, who has a botanical background himself, thought the excuse had a whiff of fertilizer about it and called for a Down-down. Strangely, no one ever asked exactly what kind of weeds Triar was Frucking about in...
As for that walkers map, it really has to be seen to be believed, so here it is:
*They really think this! Israeli developers call brick lanes "rehov hollandi" (Dutch street) !
Hare - Neverfucker
FRB - Twin Peaks
SCB... not! - Dr. Do-little
Returnees - Russian Bride, Triar Fruck
Virgins - Claire, Melva, Richard
Hash Slash - Triar Fruck
Bad Dad - Diablo
Bad Hare - Neverfucker
New Daddy & Big Brother - Diablo, Swamp Monster
Place:  Herzilya Center, corner of Jabotinsky and Pinsker streets
Date: Feb. 17, 2007
Time: 3:00pm
Hare: Doggie Style
Doggie Style writes: "Saturday's hash will be in Herzilya Center. Starting point will be near corner of Jabotinsky and Pinsker streets, a hundred meters up Pinsker on the right side.
From the north, or HP area, exit Namir Rd (Rt 2) at Rabin junction, go east toward Kfar Shemaryahu (away from HP).  After crossing the railroad and the off ramp from the Ayalon, turn right onto Jabotinsky st.  After about 1 kilometer, turn left onto Pinsker St across from the Performing Arts Center/Air Force House.Go a hundred meters or so, you will see an open field on the right where hares will be waiting. 
From the south, or Tel Aviv area Exit Namir (Rt 2) at HaSira, or exit the Ayalon at Shivat Hakokhavim junction, turn east toward Herzilya Center.  This will be Shivat Hakokhavim street, which turns into HaRav Kook.  Turn left on Jabotinsky past the Seven Stars mall, go about half a kilometer, then turn right on Pinsker Street, go a hundred meters, park on right, where hares will be waiting.  
Interactive Map of Herzliya (this is too cute!)
Lost? Call Doggie Style - 0 5 4   2 1 3   0 3 2 2
Bravefart's decided it's about time to have a bit of a bash so...
Date: Saturday March 10
Place: 61 Wingate, Herzliya Pituach
Nothing fancy, just a beer-and-wine (and whatever other alchohol is lurking in my cupboards night. Hope to see as many of you as can make it! Cheerie!!!
Treasure and Sanitary sent a short video clip of snow blanketing all of England in which they insist that they don't miss the warm weather here at all. The clip can be sent as an zipped attachment -- just drop a line to Hash Scribe at this address -- or write and tell them about the great weather we've been having (don't mention the disgusting rain).
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet".
So true, so true.
3.3. 2007 - Kfar Sava Run - 10k - 1-700-700-305 - Shvoong or 09-7640836/8 - K.S. municipality
Sign-up deadline: March 1
9.3. 2007 - 2007 Eilat Three Borders Half Marathon - 21k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
17.3 2007 - Nes Ziona Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
19.3.2007 - Jerusalem Half Marathon - 10k, 21k - Contact: 02-6298047/8 - Simon Avraham
23.3.2007 - 18th Annual Ra'anana Run - 10k - Contact: 09-7610336 - Zion Dahan
24.3.2007 - Ramat Hasharon Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
30.3. 2007 - Rishon LeZion Run - 10k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
13.4,2007 - Mount Tabor Run - 11k around the Tavor - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
28.4.2007 - Herzliya Run - 2k, 10k - Contact: dovevm@gmail.com - Dovev Mazor
On-on! Boston Creamed

Don't pick lemons.
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