03 July, 2013

Thirsty Knights H3 Run #69+14

Hello fellow hashers!

It's the triumphant return of Thirsty Knights H3!

When: July 4th 20:00- that's right it's July 4th and its gonna get rowdy

Where: London Garden, next to Mike's on Hayarkon (the place with the boat-looking statue) see map HERE (zoom in for a street-view)

Directions: We've started there only, like, every other hash. Figure it out.

What: Some Beer. A hash. A beer break. More beer. Not more than 4k (promised by the hare).

On after? There's a reason we're starting next to Mike's, right?

Anything special? Of course - it's the 4th! Wear Red, White, and Blue (Israelis may omit the red), bring the loudest things you can find, and prepare for debauchery. 
A lot of it. 
If anyone has an Uncle Sam costume that might just take the cake...

Still not satisfied? You're problem. (but if you get lost or have questions you can call the hare Fuckhead at 054-2378356)

That's it boys and girls, 
See ya'll there!
Hash Scribe