03 May, 2013

Hash Trash Run 995, Directions to Run 996

Hello fellow Hashers!

RA's view of the 995th Hash:

We met in the center of TLV. A windy run towards Jaffa then More Beer at the midway point. We stopped and had a beer at the Beer Market and continued the run back to TLV. Snacks and beer were consumed.
Short and sweet. Sweet.
So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 995:
Hare:  Just Shou, Second Hand Job, Just Pete
FRB:  Capt. Caveman
DFL:  Boston Creamed
Virgin: Just Scott
Misnaming:  Second Hand Job
Returnee:  STD
Stretching:  Just Jose
Weird Hat:  Just Pete
Best Shirt (tie): Head Down and Just Scott
Weight Watchers:  Capt. Caveman
Jerusalem Bus Driver: PigWoman (Pigheart)
Dumbshit:  Capt. Caveman
Arrested Development and Shamelessly long phone call:  Twin Peaks
Late Cummers:  PigWoman, Boston Creamed, Just Jose, Just Scott

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 996:

Meeting timeSaturday April 4th.16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.

Location: Tiv Taam in Ramat HaHayal - Tel Aviv (here).

On-After: Yes! Oui! כן! (If you consider going to Tiv Taam an On-After)

Maps: From Road #4 Here

Directions: See the map above

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Twin Peaks

Other messages
  • Very Very Important!!! 999-1000 Weekend is getting ever closer! Let all your friends know.
  • REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so get your pencils ready!
  • The new Hare Raising Roster is Here (partially) If you are not there yet you still have a chance to choose...

Temporary Partial Hare roster - are you there?!
May 4 - Twin Peaks
May 11 - Just Pete
May 18 - Just Diane
May 24th-25th - Hash Weekend!!!
June 1 - Deliverance

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