19 April, 2013

Hash Trash Run 993, Directions to Run 994

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the 993rd Hash:

Run 993 was one of the better runs that I've set.
In fact I can't remember enjoying setting a Hash so much. The time just flyed by.
Having enlisted Twin Peaks as a co-hare, we set out through urbana, shiggy, sewage, sand, nature, agriculture, and of course garbage, and all this in Ra'anana. Imagine what could have been done if we were someplace interesting?
So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 993:
Hares: Captain Caveman + Twin Peaks
FRB: Just Shu
DFL: Double Entry
Returnee: Head Down
Misdenamer: Deliverance
Screaming at J. Shu to Run Like the Wind to Be FRB Instead of Double Entry Who Couldn't Find a Gas Station From a Hole in His Head (or a very catchy SAJSTRLTWTBFIODEWCFAGSFAHIHH): Twin Peaks
Shitting on the Hash: Second Hand Job, Spit or Swollow, Head Down.

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 994:

Meeting timeSaturday April 20th.16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.

Location: parking lot in front of Agron Youth Hostel and Guest House - 6 Agron Stree (here).

On-After: sure! in a nearby drinking place

Directions for seasoned Hashers:

in front of the starting point set by Pigwoman on run #686, (Pre-Purim, damn cold before, great fun and dances later at the pub, remember?)

Driving Directions: Just tap Agron 6 into your GPS whatsamajig...

From Jerusalem Chords Bridge:

(aka Caveman Erection, Jerusalem entrance cumming from Tel Aviv - Jerusalem n.1 road)
1. Head east on Sderot Shazar/שדרות שז"ר‎ toward Sderot HaNassi Hashishi/שדרות הנשיא השישי‎
2. Continue onto Sderot Ben Tsvi/שדרות בן צבי‎
3. Turn left onto Derech Ruppin/דרך רופין‎
4. Continue onto Ramban/רמב"ן‎
5. Turn right onto Arlozorov/ארלוזורוב‎
6. Take the 1st left onto Sderot Ben Maimon/שדרות בן מיימון‎
7. Turn left to stay on Sderot Ben Maimon/שדרות בן מיימון‎
8. Turn right onto Gershon Agron/גרשון אגרון‎
Agron Youth Hostel and Guest House (IYHA)
Gershon Agron 6
Jerusalem, 94265

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Call Boston Creamed
054-2152653 or The Gonsdfather @ 054-5937721

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