05 April, 2013

Hash Trash Run 991, Directions to Run 992

Hello fellow Hashers!

Notice the Time Change!!!

And today, 2 Hash summaries for the price of one! 

Hare's view of the 991st Hash:
The Hashers met (again) at the top of Moshe Sharrette. It was a shitty (great) trail as usual. Awfully (well) marked, horrible (great) scenery and lots (lots) of hills.
And the highlight of the Hash, not one, not two but three Hashers decided they needed to drink out of their new shoes.

Did I mention the trail was shitty?

And now, Hare's view of the 69th+69 Hash of the Thirsty Knights Hash (that took place on Monday):
The hash ran. That was crappy (fun). The hash drank unimaginably shitty wine. That was less fun. The next phase was fucking off Penis Envy. And then the hare got named. That was the most fun (the Hare likes his name too much, might have to rename...).
Then the hash went to Mike's Place for more beer. That was also a lot of fun.

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 991:
Hare: Twin Peaks
Spit or Swallow
Penis Envy
Deliverance, Twin Peaks, Double Entry
Virgin: Just Shu
Relirving: Deliverance
Flatlinning: Captain Caveman
8K Idiots (Running 8K before the Hash): Fluffer, Spit or Swallow
Phone Sex: Just Pete
Sitting: Second Hand Job
(Extreme) LateCumming: Just Eli (see new name in the next down-down section)
Race Bling: Double Entry
(Not Official) Fuck Off: Penis Envy
New Shoes: Penis Envy (2nd week straight!!), Second Hand Job, Fluffer (who almost got away with it...)  

Down-Downs Run 69+69 of the Thirsty Knights Hash:

Hare: Just Eli
FRB: Twin Peaks
DFL: Just Joe
Late Cumming: Double Entry (though I think we forgot to give the man a proper drink)
Misnaming (Generally of Second Hand Job): Everyone
Pointing: Everyone
Shortcutting: Everyone
Returnees: Everyone
Not Running Around the Fountain (Shortcutting 2.0): Just Shou and Penis Envy
Golden Showers (AKA Relieving): Deliverance and Just Eli
Bullying on the Trail: Captain Caveman
No Hash Kit: Just Pete, Just Joe, Loves the Cock
Sex on Trail: Just Joe, Loves the Cock
Getting Rammed in the Rear (by a car): Just Joe
Official Fuck Off: Penis Envy
Naming: Just Eli is now Fuck Head (and Fuckin` loves it)
...and now for this week's run:
Directions to Run 992: Notice the Time Change!!!
Meeting timeSaturday Apr. 6th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm. (Notice the Time Change!!!)

Location: Netzach st. Ramat Hasharon- See Map Here

Directions (From road #5): At this LINK

We've started there like a million times. Just get there...

Still Lost? Call Double Entry 054-7909034

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