11 April, 2013

Hash Trash Run 992, Directions to Run 993

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the 992nd Hash:

Ramat Hasharon was Hilly that day, my friends.

The Pack followed the "Shifty Trail", Up and Down, Up and Down, for over 6KM, Without Bitching.

The main attraction, though, was the "Fiji & Tuvalu" (one for the Quiz night) consulate residence. The flag of which was not recognized by any of the Smart (ass) Pack.

As usual, at the finish, Down Downs were had, New Shoes initiated (Pig Woman) and plans for the 999-1000 Weekend were made.

So on we go to...

Down-Downs Run 992:

Hare: Double Entry

FRB: Fart Smella

DFL: Boston Creamed

Returnees: Boston Creamed, Fart Smella, Crock Sucker, STD

Misdenamers: Just Shou, Crock Sucker, Fart Smella

Loster: Second Hand Job

Pointer: Just Pete

In The Money: Crock Sucker, Fart Smella

Bestiality: STD

Culture Club: Spit or Swallow

JBAA: Captain Caveman

New Shoes: Pig Woman

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 993:

Meeting timeSaturday April 13th.16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.

Location: At the end of Derech HaPark in Raanana (here).

On-After: None that I'm aware of.

Maps: From Tel Aviv; From anything east of TA or north of TA

Directions: (In the words of CC)
Go to Yerushalaim St to the park and go down the hill heading west (the park will be on your right hand side).
At the end there is a Delek gas station.

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Call Captain Caveman

Other messages
  • Important Massage! There is still availability to join the world famous, high society, super sophisticated Quiz Night tomorrow at 19:00!!! For more information contact Deliverance ASAP @ 050-2634684
  • REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so get your pencils ready!
  • The new Hare Raising Roster is being written as you read this HT. If you fancy any specific date, this is your chance to choose...

Temporary Partial Hare roster - are you there?!

#994 Apr 20 - The Gonadfather

Hash Scribe