01 May, 2012

Thirsty Knights Hash #69+1

Greetings Dames and Knights

So - we resurrected the Thirsty Knights Hash House Harriers, gathering for the first TK run in a couple of years. Since nobody knew exactly what the run count was, we decided that each run will be the 69th, until someone corrects us.

We gathered at the park at Bograshov and Hayarkon. It was a great mix of people, with about half veteran hashers and half virgins! This was great, as we'd like to bring in all the folks around here who'd make great hashers, but haven't yet exposed themselves to it (pun intended). We solicited a couple of random passers-by to join in, as well, and received more than a few suspicious looks - and one email address for the next time we run.

After a chalk talk for our virgins, we introduced ourselves, limbered up with a little "My Name is Joe," and headed on-out down the Tayalet as the newbies learned to discern the difference in hash marks and bird poo. The run took us down the beach for a bit, before turning off and enjoying a few narrow alleys and a jaunt through the garbage-filled remnants of HaKarmel Market. Urban shiggy, anyone? The pack continued down and around to the park, where we stopped for - BEER! Many, many, MANY thanks to Just Andreia for volunteering (ok, allowing herself to be voluntold) for brew crew duty. After some frosty adult beverages and a nice rendition of "Father Abraham," the pack headed on-out and wandered THROUGH Dizengof Center, upsetting the Thursday evening shoppers as they followed the trail along and around and along and around until they reached a park and… MORE BEER!

After a few minutes to enjoy some cold brews in the park, we circled up the Wankers and assigned blame and credit for various transgressions.

Down-Downs Run #69:

Hares: Gayza Strip, Don't Ask Dont Smell, Penis Envy
Brew Crew: Just Andreia
FRB: Double Entry and Frozen Asset
DFL: Penis Envy
Late Cumming: Caveman / Double Entry (hey, at least at their age they can still cum at all!)
Racist: Just Beth (She just started the "Couch to 5k" program this week, and already ran more than 5k at her first hash!)
Bird Behavior: Just Dennis (Father Abrabird?!)
Needs a Manpurse: Just Pete
Pointee-Talkee: Gayza Strip
Tree Hugger: Just Beth (Seriously - PLANT trees, don't take them out!)
Least Dressed: Just Shai
Nerd Name User: Just Pete

Finally, as the sun went down and the chill set in, we packed up and set off for Molly Bloom's, where we tucked into MORE BEER. We also endured the company of a few (who shall remain nameless, if not shameless) who decided to forego the run and just join us for the on-on-on. Come on out and run next time, guys!

Thanks to all who came out, and we hope to see you all next time! Bring your friends. Tell them to bring friends!

Directions To Run #69+1:

After skipping Holocaust Memorial Day (not particularly appropriate for a hash), as well as the Thursday after (Israeli Independence Day, a perfectly appropriate day for a hash except we were all drunk by noon and barely able to stumble, let alone run): 

NEXT RUN: Thursday, 3 May 2012, at 7pm. (that's 19:00)

Hares: Lady Twin-Peaks and Sir Gayza Strip 
(Phone # for Gayza -  050-5216016)

Location: The park at Bograshov/Hayarkon. (map HERE

Cost: 30 NIS.

Since it's only two days before 5 May, we're doing a Cinco de Mayo / Mexican themed hash. Wear a sombrero, Bring some maracas, Eat the worm! 

And, due to popular demand for a Cinco-de-Mayo themed on-after, we've changed the venue for AFTER THE RUN to Mexicana, at Bograshov 7 (on the corner of Bograshov and Ben Yehuda). They've agreed to BOGO (1+1) beers and margaritas for all hashers!

Anything of Any Importance:

* To be added to the Israel hash email list, please email holyland.hashers@gmail.com

* Also, visit and keep an eye on the TKH3 FaceBook page, https://www.facebook.com/thirstyknights, for updates.

* Next TK Hash is planned for Thursday, May 17th. Same time. Place TBD.

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