10 April, 2012

Thirsty Knights Hash this Thursday!

Hi all,
Sorry for the (very) non-formal layout, but this was sprung upon me like a Enter favorite metaphor here

So, down to business:
This Thursday, 18:00, 6PM, a Thirsty Knights Hash!
We hadn't had a Thursday night Hash in ages, so this one is of great importance.
Some information:
Time: Thursday, 12 April, 18:00, 6PM
Location: Corner of Bugrashov and HaYarkon streets in Tel-Aviv (map here)
Directions: See maps here: from Northfrom South
Hares: Gayza Strip & Don't Ask, Don't Smell (Phone # for Gayza Strip - 050-5216016)
Expected Events: Hash, Beer Check, More Hash, More Beer, Even More Beer at "Molly Blooms"
For Further Details: Go to  https://www.facebook.com/events/343906168992308/ 

In the words of Penis Envy: "We are actively recruiting within the US Embassy, so we would like a good showing from our core folks to show some of these losers how much fun we have...LOL!"
In my words : "This is a chance to revive the Thirsty Knight Hash, let's show these losers how much beer we have!"

Hash Scribe

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