30 March, 2012

Hash Trash Run 937, Directions to Run 938

Hello fellow Hashers!

Note the new Hash time!!! Next Hash is at 4PM!
Hare's eye view of the nine hundred and thirty seventh Hash:
We circled up in Ramat Aviv. The hare was still setting the trail as we arrived and there was no beer!  A Hash first.  
The hare was using a fancy bike with no gearing and no breaks to set the Hash. 
We ran around in a big circle, met at the halfway and sang More Beer while 2 guys were doing martial arts. The moved away. I wonder why. 
Penis Envy arrived bearing a gift - Yea!  We received arm tattoo sleeves from Bangkok in order to celebrate Capt. Caveman's busted arm. Thanks!
Hash Scribe's I-View: Wasn't there, didn't get the tattoo sleeve, bummer...

Down-Downs Run 936:
Hares:  Semen and Windbreaker
FRB: Captain Caveman
DFL:  Twin Peaks
Late Cumming:  Penis Envy (but she had gifts, so it's ok), Gaza-a-Strip
Mailing letters on the Hash:  Capt. Caveman
Psychobiker:  Windbreaker
Relieving:  Gaze-A-Strip
Running Booty Call:  Double Entry
Returnees:  Penis Envy, Gaze-a-Strip, Windbreaker, Semen, Caveman, Double Entry
Dirty Diapers:  Goldmember
Birthday:  Deliverance
All around Bad Hare (phone answering, biking, unable to count to 3 properly and he is a CPA): Windbreaker

...and now for this week's run: (Which is at 16:00, 4PM!)

Directions to Run 938:
Meeting time: Saturday Mar. 31th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm. (is that enough?!)

Location: Raanana, parking lot on Atidim St. (really close to Renanim mall) (Here).

Maps: From the West (Herzlyia\north TA). From the South (Other parts of TA, J-Lem etc.)

Coming from South or North: 
Go on route 4,
Turn into Raanana at raanana north interchange.
Turn R into Atidim st.
Parking lot will be on your right after about 500 mt.
Coming from Herzliya:
Go east on Hama'apilim st.
It becomes Begin and then Habrigada Hayehudit.
Turn L on Yerushalaim.
Turn R on Weizman.
Turn L into Atidim st.
Parking lot will be on your right after about 500 mt.

Got lost? Call Spit or Swallow, 054-6717787

Other messages:
* The Hash now begins at 16:00, 4PM, 1600hr, which ever you fancy...
* New Hare-Raising-Roster is out. If you are not there and you are in the Holyland, contact Hash Trash, you will be assigned a spot.
* REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants (ain't that fun?!). So, let the writin' begin...

Did you know?!
Did I mention the Hash starts at 16:00 from now until further notice?

Hare roster - are you there?!
#939 Apr 7 - Just Jim
#940 Apr 14 - Captain Caveman
#941 Apr 21 - Boston Creamed
#942 Apr 28 - Double Entry
#943 May 5 - Fluffer
#944 May 12 - Goldmember
#945 May 19 - The Gonadfather
#946 May 26 - Deliverance
#947 Jun 2 - Gadhafy

Hash Scribe

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