12 December, 2010

Hash Trash Run 872, Directions to Run 873

Hello fellow hashers!
The Hash was held in Ramat Gan where Twin Peaks was a Live Hare. She ran us up and down the windy, sodden streets. Then it was on back to her place where the Iron Chef Twin Peaks prepared a gastronomic feast of lasagna both meat and veggie and New York Cheesecake. The hashers were well sated.

Down-Downs Run 872:
Hare: Twin Peaks
FRB: Spit or Swallow
DFL: Pig Woman
Returnees: Just Elana, Just Demaris, Goldmember
Golden Showers: Ferret, Stiff Meat
Fair Weather Hasher: Double Entry
Bad Driving: Double Entry, Pig Woman
Sitting: Just Demaris
Falling: Capt. Caveman
Not Wearing FRB Bling: Deliverance

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 873 - Desert Hash:
Location: Many of the hashers will be participating and camping out at the Desert Run so next week's hash will take place there, at the Judean Desert, circle at Zohar Junction.
If you are planning to attend, call Captain Caveman 052-244-5644 or Deliverance 054-300-5092 and you will receive directions and details.

Hare roster - are you there?!
Dec 25 - Semen & Windbreaker (x-mas hash + on-on after)
Jan 1 - Capt. Caveman (new year's hash)
Jan 8 - Pepe La Puke
Jan 15 - Grave Robber
Jan 22 - Stiff Meat (away hash at Ashdod)
Jan 29 - Fluffer
Feb 5 - Crock Sucker
Feb 12 - OnOne
Feb 19 - Pig Woman
Feb 26 - Betty Cocker
Mar 5 - Floater
Mar 12 - Quickie
Mar 19 - Boston Creamed
Mar 26 - Deliverance

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