22 October, 2010

Hash Trash Run 864, Directions to Run 865

Hello fellow Hashers!
The hashers met on a peaceful Jerusalemian Shabbat afternoon.
The hares notified that they tried to be clever and set one half of the trail each. Little did our hashers know what was waiting for them...
The trail started off on the right foot, taking hashers through such serene locations as: to the middle of a Hasidic class for 8 year-olds; under the nose of an M16-holding American embassy guard; and to holds with no blobs exiting them.
We made it to the halfway point and sang Joe Button, with a few taxi drivers watching.
But the fun was only beginning. The second half really brought the Shabbat-wasteland that is Jerusalem to light, going thought the always-jam-packed-but-now-empty Yehuda market and scary quiet neighborhoods.
As hashers were starting to realize, this f&@#ing hash was no where near being over. They reluctantly kept going (although some felt it was to much and tried ending their lives by running into oncoming traffic), up hills, across roads and through mountain and valley, until finally reaching the circle.
And then they realized: while trying to save time on setting, the hares made the trail 8.1 km long! "You totally Quickie'd it", I believe was the phrase.
Nevertheless, all was forgiven at the sight of beer. We sang, we had down-down that took FOREVER, we got pissed. We went home.


Hares: Crock Sucker, Fart Smella
FRB: Can't have FRB when all were SCB's!
DFL: OnOne
Racists: Fluffer, Itch My Rail
Returnees: OnOne, Itch My Rail, Floater
Misnaming + No Reason Whatsoever: Floater, Crock Sucker, AmboHo
Relievers: Fluffer, Itch My Rail, Floater
Virgins: Pussy Lover
Suicidal: Itch My Rail
Late cumming: Stiff Meat, Itch My Rail
Whining: Cpt. Caveman
Misconduct: Betty Cocker
10k Runners: Cpt. Caveman, Fluffer, Stiff Meat
Almost 10k Runners: AmboHo, OnOne


...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 865:
We will meet at 16:00 on Satuday, as usual.
Location: HaKovshim Garden, across from David InterContinental Hotel, and next to the mosque.
Still lost? Tough luck, the hare doesn't want you to bother her with your whining.

Hare roster - are you there?!
Oct 30 - Pig Woman
Nov 6 - Quickie
Nov 13 - Boston Creamed
Nov 20 - Deliverance
Nov 27 - Spit or Swallow
Dec 4 - Fart Smella
Dec 11 - Twin Peaks


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