19 August, 2010

Down Downs Run 856, Directions to Run 857

Down Downs from Run 856


FRB pig women

Should be the FRB but cheated, therefore will carry the annoying stuff next week: itch my rail

DFL just jack

Returnees: just jack, itch my rail, Fart smella, crocksucker, quickie

Last hash as singles: Fart smella, crocksucker

Relieving: crocksucker , Fluffer, just jack, pig women

Misnaming: spit or swallow, fart smella

Shortcutting: itch my rail, Fart smella


Directions to Run 857 - 5pm on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This week's run will start at  Chroningen Garden. Everyone knows where that is? No?
From North and South, come on the Ayalon and exit at Kibbutz Galuyot exit, west (towards Yaffo).
After a few traffic lights turn left on Shlavim road and immediately right onto Sheerit Israel, and Chroningen Garden is on your left after 150m (just before you get to Blumfield stadium), parking available on both sides of the street.
Lost? Call your Hare,  Quickie at 054 4531333

Hare Roster

Scribe feels overwhelmed, will figure out the roster at some point...

August 28 - Pig Woman

September 4 - Deliverance

Hash Scribe

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