27 August, 2010

Hash Trash Run 857, Directions to Run 858

August is hot in Israel, just saying, something to keep in mind when you set your hash.  And it was particularly sad for this weeks hashers to set off on a run (although we didn't know how long it was going to be) without the promise of beer at the end.  Would this be the first ever dry hash???? (Not if we could find an open bar).
Fortunately, Caveman broke the no phone on the hash rule to find out that Deliverance had arrived at the starting point with beer.  The hash was saved, and good thing with 7 km uphill all the way, on steps, in the middle of Jaffa.  The wounded and the out of shape opted to walk back (thanks for the escort Double Entry!).
Down Downs
Hare: Quickie
FRB: Spit or Swallow
DFL: Fluffer
Shortcutting: Quickie, TastyKakes
7K in AUGUST!!!!: QUickie
Wife Abandonment: Spit or Swallor, Betty Cocker
Good Samaritan: Double Entry
A Dog is no substitute for a husband: TastyKakes
Stiff Leg: Stiff Meat
Misnaming: Deliverance
Directions to run 858
This weeks hash is a "Cover your moneymaker"  for most of us that is your noggen, cranium, skull, or head. So wear your favorite, crazy, or interesting hat for the hash. See you there. Start location is below:

Lost call Pig Woman: 0526328659

Start is at Saadii Gaon parking lot

Hare Roster - No one volunteered so I'm assigning you.  You are responsible to find your own replacement if you can't do it on the day you are assigned.
Sep 4 - Deliverance
Sep 11 - TastyKakes
Sep 18 - No hash (Yom Kippur)
Sep 25 - Double Entry
Oct 2 - Fluffer
Oct 9 - Betty Cocker
Oct 16 - Crock Sucker
Oct 23 - AmboHo
Oct 30 - Pig Woman
Nov 6 - Quickie
Nov 13 - Spit or Swallow
Nov 20 - Deliverance
Nov 27 - Boston Creamed
Dec 4 - FartSmella
Dec 11 - Twin Peaks
Hash Scribe

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