26 November, 2010

Hash Trash Run 869, Directions to Run 870

Well, there must've been a hash...
Too bad the hare+RA didn't keep track of the down-downs / forget to keep the down-down sheet / was too drunk to write anything down.
I'm guessing people ran and drank, and maybe some other things. Hopefully something similar will happen on the next hash, maybe with more details following it.

Down-Downs Run 869:
Hare: Deliverance
FRB: ??
DFL: ??
You get the point.

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 870:
Meeting time: Saturday, 15:00 (1500hr, 3pm, III, שלוש).
Location: We will gather at the parking lot at the corner of Dubnov and Shaul Hamelech streets next to the "London mini-store" (where we've already gathered for run 851, whoa, maybe we'll find ourselves there...).
As the directions said back then: Driving on Namir, turn West on Shaul HaMelech, drive past Performing Arts Center, left on Dubnov and immediate right into the mini-store parking lot.
For a map click here.
Lost?! as before, we don't really care. Yet again you can call OnOne or AmboHo, they set it there last time, they'll know the way.
Just don't bother the hare, Spit or Swallow, at 054-6717787

New hare roster!
This is your lest week to request a preferred haring date!
After that, hashers will be randomly assigned. Please notify Hash Trash ASAP if you have a preference.

Hare roster - are you there?!
Dec 4 - Fart Smella
Dec 11 - Twin Peaks


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