09 December, 2010

Hash Trash Run 871, Directions to Run 872

Hello fellow hashers!
"יש לי גלידה הכי טובה, הכי טובה ומשובחה, קנו ממנה ילדים, קוקו-אהאה, גלידה טובה"
Man, that ice-cream song is still stuck in my head.
Hashers met at Ben-Shemen, surrounded by bicyclists, 4x4s and BBQ-smoke. Turn out was pretty good, considering the location wasn't the usual Tel-Aviv parking lot. Boston Creamed even brought along her dog! (meaning an actual canine, not the spouse)
The trail set off to a bumpy start (with Spit or Swallow getting some hints from the hare), but eventually hashers ran into the forest, up and down hills and through some shiggy. The lazy hares decided to change blobbing-rules and used much fewer blobs on "checks" - hashers did not complain... Just before the Halfway, the hares decided to check hashers' aerodynamic abilities, by making them zoom down a steep hill. Stiff Meat was a few inches away from breaking a leg, Capt. Caveman just flew straight down, and only Twin Peaks delivered by falling flat on her butt.
At the Halfway, among running kids and flaming chickens-on-grill, our hashers sang Swing Low, with obvious confusion when it came to miming the verses. The bright side was the halfway-beers that miraculously appeared for the hashers enjoyment. After that - things went downhill. Metaphorically, of course, cos the trail was uphill, too.
With beer in their bellies and the ice-cream song in their heads, the hashers continued for another few k's, until finally arriving back at the circle. There, the big debate was around the origin of the virgins' hash-names (see down-downs). Origin aside, we got to see their underwear!
Another beer, another warm down-down, a few songs, and the hashers went home.

Down-Downs Run 871:
Hares: Fart Smella, Crock Sucker
FRB: Deliverance
DFL: Boston Creamed
DFR (Dead Fuckin wRong?...): Stiff Meat
Virgins: Ferret, Furry Ferret
Misnaming x2: Ferret
Relievers: Crock Sucker
Blind: Fart Smella, Capt. Caveman
Dog Abuse: Boston Creamed
Walking with (instead of Drinking the) Beer: Betty Cocker, Twin Peaks, Crock Sucker
New Shoes: Deliverance

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 872:
Meeting time: Saturday, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: HaParsa 8, Ramat-Gan. This is at Twin Peaks' house, and there will be an on-on after - Hashers are requested to bring salads!
  1. Get off at HaHalacha exit, going East, onto Bialik street.
  2. Go straight through 3 traffic lights -- at the 4th traffic light turn LEFT onto Jabotinsky.
  3. Go straight through 1 traffic light and before you reach the 2nd traffic light turn RIGHT onto Zohar Street (a little side street). Go till the end.
  4. Turn LEFT onto Herzl then a QUICK RIGHT onto Moshe Sharet street.
  5. Up the hill and turn RIGHT onto HaParsa street.
For you wiz-kids, here's a Google Map.
Lost? Call Twin Peaks 052 874 3662

Hare roster - are you there?!
Dec 18 - AmboHo 
Dec 25 - Semen & Windbreaker (x-mas hash + on-on after)
Jan 1 - Capt. Caveman (new year's hash)
Jan 8 - Pepe La Puke
Jan 15 - Grave Robber
Jan 22 - Stiff Meat (away hash at Ashdod)
Jan 29 - Fluffer
Feb 5 - Crock Sucker
Feb 12 - OnOne
Feb 19 - Pig Woman
Feb 26 - Betty Cocker
Mar 5 - Floater
Mar 12 - Quickie
Mar 19 - Boston Creamed
Mar 26 - Deliverance

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