19 December, 2007

Hash Trash Run 712 - Directions Run 713

PLEASE NOTE: We do not yet have a Hare for the New Year's day run and dip in the sea on January 1st. FYI.
Run 712 - We See Russian Bride's Etchings
It was not hot. We started at the edge of old Jaffa and ran through Neve Tzedek. We had a halfway point beer stop at Russian Bride's new rooftop bachelor pad near the Carmel Market. We ran to the beach and slid down a slide. We had Down-downs. We drank beer. It got dark. We went home. 
Down-downs for Run 712
Hares - Russian Bride, Tire Fruck
FRB - Outrigger
DFL - Dr. Do-little
Returnees - Ben10, Miss Demeanor, Russian Bride
Half Marathoners - Boston Creamed, Deliverance, Twin Peaks
Gluttons For Punishment (did another 11k afterwards) - Deliverance, Twin Peaks
Imitating an Athlete - Outrigger (Let 'er rip! Aint' no stretching on the Hash!)
SCB - Dr. D.
150 Runs - Twin Peaks
Direction to 713
Hare: Diablo
Date: Saturday, December 22
Time: 3:00 PM
Place: Ra'anana, near Ra'anana community park (the one with the poor monkeys in the cage)
Directions:  From Tel Aviv, take the Ayalon North to the end in Herzliya (From H.P. take Keren Hayesod and cross over Namir Road), and continue towards Ra'anana.  Go through lots of traffic lights until the T at Yerushalim Street and go left.  At next light (Ahuza Street,
Ra'anana), turn left and park will be on your right.  Follow road to roundabout near gas station, go straight and then turn right into parking lot and go all the way to the fenced-in Soccer field where the circle and Hare will be.  Never*ucker used set runs from here.
Lost? Call Diablo at: 0 5 0 5 6 1 2 1 2 3

E-map site
Worldwide Hash in Perth
I can't figure out how much this actually costs...
International Hash Challenge 2008
August 16 2008 - Malaysia
A gruelling 42km trail through the exotic tropical jungles of Malaysia.

Revised Hare Raiser  Roster For The Rest of 2007 (and a bit of 2008)
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
22  Diablo - 713
29  Boston Creamed - 714
January 2008
1 ??? - 715
5 Goldmember - 716
Tel Aviv Running Club
Upcoming Runs
Jan 10 - Tiberias Marathon and 10k
Jan 26 - Omer Run - 10k
http://www.shvoong.co.il/ - Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
Feb 7 - Beer Sheva Run - 10k, 5,
http://www.shvoong.co.il/ - Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
Feb 16 - Ein Gedi Half Marathon and 10k
May 31 - Herzliya Women's Triathlon
H4 Sweatshirts for sale! NIS 50 dark blue, NIS 30 light blue
Video clips of previous runs:
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM
Photos (we need more, please send)

Hash Scribe

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