28 November, 2007

CORRECTION: The complete Down-downs

Dear All,
For formality's sake, here is the complete list of Down-downs for Run 709.
Hash Trash was sent out with an incomplete list, due to Hash Scribe's momentary and misguided delusion that she was multitasking competently.
Down-downs for Run 709
Hare - Fer Fox Sake
FRBs ("The Victors") - Diablo, Outrigger
DFLs ("The Simple Life") - Deliverance ("Paris), Erin ("Nicole")
Those who did the TA 10k and Half Marathon and got medals - FFS, Diablo (respectively)
Those who did the TA Half-Marathon and didn't get medals - Boston Creamed, Captain Caveman, Deliverance, Twin Peaks
Speaking on Modern Devices and Keyhoarding - Lager Lout
Flying - Deliverance
Mismarkings - FFS
No Short Cutting (twice in a row..?!) - Dr. Do-little
Piss Off FFS! - FFS (who received his farewell mug, so he really must be going this time)

Hash Scribe

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