10 October, 2007

Hash Trash Run 702 - Directions Run 703

Run 702 - We Get A New Song
It was hot. We ran. We sang "Home on the Range" with hand motions. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.

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NOTE: The Hare Razor Roster for the rest of 2007 has been created (see below) and will be posted on the Blog shortly.

Down-downs for Run 702
Hare - Boston Creamed
FRB - Dead Boring
Welcome Back - Airbus, Blackbox, Bullshit, Stroker
Dropouts - Blackbox, Bullshit, Twin Peaks
SCBs - Dr. Do-little, FerFoxSake, Russian Bride
Raus-Raus & Good Luck at the Munich Marathon - Captain Caveman, FFS

Directions to Run No. 703
Date - October 13
Time - 15:00 (3:00 pm)
Place - Kfar Sava
Hare - Dr. Do-little

From the South/Tel-Aviv take Route # 4 North.
Exit Kefar-Sava / Hod Hasharon turn Right by third traffic light
into Weizmann St. *)

From Herzlya Petuah etc. cross Route # 4 by Raanana South jnct.
turn Left by second traffic light and a Right by the next second
traffic light into Weizmann St. *)

*) The traffic lights in Weizmann St. are numbered on the top
Turn Right by traffic light number10 into Nordau St. pass circle/roundabout
On your right, a parking.

Lost? 0544 - 453106 - Dr. Do-Little

E-map site

Here it is folks!
The Hare Razor Roster For The Rest of 2007
PLEASE NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.

13 Dr. Do-Little
20 Airbus
27 Captain Caveman

3 Lager Lout
10 Outrigger
17 Goldmember
24 Dead Boring

1 Deliverance
8 FerFoxSake
15 Russian Bride
22 Diablo
29 Boston Creamed

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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