30 August, 2007

Hash Trash Run 697 - Directions Run 698

RUN 697... The chickens come back to roost

More people showed up this time.
It was hot. We ran. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Down Downs for Run 697
- Deliverance
FRB - Dead Boring
DFL- Boston Creamed
Phone Call - Twin Peaks
Lad from Lagos - Dr. Do-little
Shopping on the Hash - Russian Bride, Triar Fruck
Harry Potterless - Dead Boring

Directions to Run 698
Hare - Twin Peaks
Place - Givatayim
Ayalon South to the HaShalom Exit at the light (Azrieli Center on right and the train station on left) TURN LEFT on to HaShalom Street.  Straight through 10 traffic lights.  Just pass the Paz Gas Station on the left at the ELEVENTH traffic light TURN LEFT on to KOURAZIN STREET. Parking lot up 200 meters on left.
From Route 4. Exit at the Bar Elan/Aluf Sadeh Interchange.  Follow signs to Aluf Sadeh  (LEFT LANE).  Merge on to road and get into right hand lanes and follow signs to Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan.  Straight through THREE traffic lights.  At FOURTH traffic light make a RIGHT TURN on to KOURAZIN STREET.  Parking lot up 200 meters on left.
Lost? Call Twin Peaks - 052 847 3662

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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