08 August, 2007

ýHash Trash Run 694 - Directions Run 695

RUN 694... Er... FFS? Are you there?
Apparently fecked off to Australia.
Oh well. Blogumentation of Run 693* may be viewed here:
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM
It was hot. We ran. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Down Downs for Run 694
- Dr. Do-little, aided by Dead Boring
FRB - Boston Creamed (huh?)
DFL - Airbus
SCB - Russian Bride
More Beer - Stroker
Walkers - FFS, Captain Caveman
Drove Through the Circle - Dead Boring, Caveman
False Accusation - Boston Creamed
Handicapped Parking - Airbus

Directions to Run 695
Next weeks hash will begin at Dead Boring's house,
1 Hamelech Yehoshofat street, Hezliya.
Turn off Hanassi st near the shops.
Down Ahi Dakar st and then second right, 'tis the house on the corner.
If it is not raining there will be a bbq after in the garden so bring meat and a salad.
Lost call 0546416222

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