11 July, 2007


RUN 690... The Naming of Quantum Leek
Video blogumentation of Run 690* may be viewed here:

* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM

It was very hot. We ran. We drank beer. We had a naming ceremony. We went home.

Down-downs for Run 690
Hares - Fer Fox Sake, Huw*
FRB - Diablo
No Bell - Russian Bride
Bloody Legs - Diablo, Huw, Pregnant Pause
Short Cutter - Dr. Do-little
Lost - Airbus
Indecent Exposure - Pregnant Pause
Still French - Jean Philippe
2 Marks After the "On-In" - Fer Fox Sake, Huw
Naming - Huw, hencefoth to be known as Quantum Leek

*As mentioned, hencefoth to be known as Quantum Leek!

Directions to Run 691
Date: July 14th
Time: 4pm
Place: Kikar HaMedina, Tel Aviv

Take Route 2 towards Tel Aviv

Kikar HaMedina is the big roundabout with the posh stores where Jabotinsky and Weizmann intersect.

Hares Russian Bride and Triar Fruck will be waiting in the middle.

There will be a barbecue afterwards until the police cart us away, or we move to a less prominent, posh spot. Bring food.

Lost? Call Russian Bride at 052 305 1968 or 052 535 6819

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