26 June, 2007


RUN 688... The Run With Ketchup Packets Everywhere
Video blogumentation of Run 688* may be viewed here:

* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM

Hash Vlash Fer Fox Sake writes: Luckily there were no little hashers around to ask why there were so many ketchup packets lying around on the ground opened

Down Downs for Run 688
: Shock & Awe
FRB: Twin Peaks (I know... only because Dead Boring or Diablo aren't here)
SCB: Dr. DoLittle (First Half) & Russian Bride (2nd Half)
Returnees: Mary, Trirar Fruck, Hugh
Chariots (could see them during the run): Shock & Awe
75 Runs: Russian Bride
Green Eyes (long story): Neverfucker
Non-Believer (another long story): Bravefart

Directions to Run 689
Date: June 30
Time: 4pm
Place: Somewhere past Asheklon

If you are GPS enabled: Go to East 186,074, North 627,741.
If you are GPS challenged, but directionally enabled, take Route 6
(the electronic toll road) SOUTH to the end. Turn RIGHT on Route 3
towards Ashkelon for a few kilometers. The second set of lights will
be Route 383. Turn LEFT. Drive 6.9 kms and turn RIGHT into the park.
Look for signs and drunken hares.

If you are Route 6 challenged but car enabled, you can get on Route 40
SOUTH until the Re'em junction, turn Left on Route 3 and after 500
meters turn RIGHT on Route 383.

Yes, there will be a BBQ after the run. Bring food.
Lost? Call Captain Caveman at 052-2445644

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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