16 May, 2007


Hold Everything!
: Gaash
Hares: Stroker, aided by Dead Boring
One should always beware a trail set by Marathon runners. It's bound to be a long Hash, with few breaks and little sympathy for the average Hasher who is generally more interested in the goal* rather than the journey. Clearly, however, our Hares (now Rome Marathon laureates**), have a rather low opinion of the aforementioned average Hasher because there were holds at almost every turn.
The first section*** of the run was some 4.7k and the second section 2.3k -- distances recorded accurately by Captain Caveman's super duper heart rate defibrillator vibrator -- and nothing dramatic happened during the run. Well, except that front-running Richard fell for absolutely no reason at all. We ran through a national park, a golf course and a kibbutz. Doggie Style's dog climbed up on the roof of the car. And a lot of guys had to take a whiz.
The exciting event of the day was the surprise naming of Claire and Richard, only moments before they take their leave for the cooler climes of Switzerland. As both work for Procter & Gamble, it was only natural that their Hash names reflect their esteemed employer, manufacturer of Metamucil bulk-producing laxative and Always feminine pads, with the honorifics**** Two Fingers (Richard) and Wing Man (Claire). We wish them the best of luck in presenting themselves to the Geneva Hash House Harriers.
Deliverance's having completing the Jordan Valley Triathlon was saluted during the Down-downs, with Dead Boring noting that her accomplishments (06:51:22.30) put the ordinary human Marathoners in the shade. In any case, here's to her, she's a blue, etc. etc. Fer Fox Sake did it in 06:33:00.95 and we will drink to him when he gets back from creating electronic interference with US Vice President Richard Cheney's many pacemakers.
Congratulations to the world's youngest grandmother! Well, at least the Holyland Hash House Harrier's youngest grandmama. Twin Peak's daughter Tiffany gave birth to Mason John, on May 8th at 9:46PM weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces (4.2k) and 21 inches (53.34 cm). Mother, the other mother and baby are all doing well.
A final note: Summer is coming and with it come the dust storms that make washing the car a philosophical point to ponder (if a car is washed and immediately re-covered with a layer of dust, was it ever clean?). Humble Scribe will resume regular weather reports as soon as the weather stabilizes at the usual summer boiling point.
** And speedy ones, at that!
*** Shock & Awe pointed out that halves are by nature equal in measure. Dead Boring's feeling was that these are Hash halves which can be any size, shape or stripe.
**** Horrific.
FRB - Neverfucker
SCB - Dr. Do-little
Virgins - Just Geoff, Jackie
Returnees - Boston Creamed, Bravefart, Doggie Style, Shock & Awe
Flying - Richard, Swamp Monster
Iron Woman - Deliverance
Piss Stop - Diablo, Neverfucker, Shock & Awe
Naming - Two Fingers (formerly Richard), Wing Man (nee Claire)
Kudos (and thanks) to Fer Fox Sake for a gorgeous blog posting of the Run 680 Hash Trash
and Dead Boring for his dead funny Run 681 Hash Trash
which has gained him an international fan* base, as evinced by the following message received this week. It reads:
"You have no Ikdea who I am, but I just found your Hash Blog by clicking 'Random' on a hash web ring. I just wanted to thank you for a good giggle; love those links.  And, by the way, I have been one of three or four hounds more than once here in Philadelphia, PA.  Everyone else's loss (http://morebeerforme.com) !
"On on,
Cause for Blindness
Place: The area south of Kfar Shemaryahu, just east of Nordau Street.
Hare: Diablo
From Herzliya Pituach: 
Take Keren Hayesod Street east and cross over Rt. 2 (Namir Road) interchange.  At first traffic light, turn right on Nordau Street.  Follow Nordau until approaching your 3rd left turn, Darom Street (opposite Frishman, there is a playground on corner).  Turn left down the hill and bear right.  The road ends into HaMesila Street. Hash will start from dirt lot near this corner.  Park and look for your Hare
From Tel Aviv: 
Take Ayalon North to first Herzliya Exit.  Turn right at top of exit ramp and after crossing over Ayalon make your first right on Moshe Dayan Blvd.  Pass footbridge over to railway station on right and then take next right on to HaMesila Street.  Go straight until you see first left at Nof Shedemot Street. Hash will start from dirt lot near this corner.  Park and look for your Hare.

Lost? Call Diablo at 050 561 2123
The last Quiz Night before the long summer break will be on Friday 25th May.
Mark your diaries and RSVP to Lager Lout at ruthfretwell@hotmail.com
Th-th-that's all for this summer's runs. The season resumes in October.
18.5.2007 - Park HaMayim (Water Park) Run - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305 -
18.5.2007 -  Netanya Triathlon - Contact: 03-6764008
2.6.2007 - Herzliya Women's Triathlon - Contact: 09 774 9015, 052 358 0004 - www.women-tri.com 
16.6.2007 - Tel Aviv Triathlon - Contact: 03-6764008
28.6.2007 - Tel Aviv White Nights Run - 10k, 5k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
29.6.2006 - Agmon Duathlon (Hula Valley) - Contact: 04-6817137, Yaron Mark - 057-7700772
Planning ahead... looking farther afield... still nothing till October...
25.11.2007 - Cyprus Aphrodite Half Marathon and 5Km Fun Run
28.10.2007 - Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon
29.11.2007 2.12.2007 - Cyprus International 4-day Challenge
4.4.2008 - Dead Sea Ultra Marathon - Amman
Information on some interesting events is available at the Israel Sport Orienteering website.
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet"
Boston Creamed

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