18 April, 2007


Run Ramat Run
Place: Ramat Gan
Hares: Twin Peaks

North, south, east or west? The wonderful thing about the Sharett St. meeting point is that, aside from an initial downhill run and a guaranteed last stretch uphill, one never knows which direction the trail will take.

Our Hare ensured variety from the outset by taking the group offroad on a steep downwards slope that brought us squarely onto Jabotinsky St., one of Ramat Gan's main drags. We then waited... and waited... for Fer Fox Sake and Bullshit, who had backtracked to make sure their cars were locked. Deliverance, a self-diasgnosed ADHD sufferer herself, mumbled something about people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but Humble Scribe begs to offer another possibility, that of creeping senility, instead.

Speaking of memory loss, Star Wars was to have played a part in the run but Hare Twin Peaks forgot that she was supposed to ask Loose Caboose and Turn-Ho, the day's guests of honor, a series of Jedi-related questions.

And so we ran on themelessly, chatting on random topics amongst ourselves. Stroker, back for the first time since running the Rome Marathon, told us about the Eternal City and the cobblestones that tear your feet. Neverfucker mentioned he has a book on gobalization and environmentalism coming out. And Diablo and FFS talked about nursing schedules. That's right. Our sensitive HHHH males have moved from last summer's ongoing light conversation about nipple abrasion (easily solved by purchasing a pair of NipGuards) to the hard core: night-time breast and/or bottle feedings. Hey guys, even Michelle hasn't subjected us to the sort of in-depth detail about pregnancy as was overheard last week.**

Bringing us back to phallic reality was the sculpture that marked our halfway point. Humble Scribe tried in vain to find out the name, or indeed the subject of the work, which seems to be an abstract representation of a bone (or something like that) with a horn emerging upside its head. Amazingly, this work, shamelessly foisted on an innocent public, is not featured in the online gallery entitled Ugly Sculptures, Ramat Gan, Isreal (sic), but it should be.**

And so we continued on-on, finding ourselves on Jabotinsky St. once again, this time in front of the old Elite chocolate factory. The Hare delivered a short history about this Bauhaus-era building, recently sold to Donald Trump, who plans to build a high-rise on the site.

By this point, the Hare had reinstated the Star Wars quiz element, in which Loose Caboose and Turn-Ho were aksed questions. For every correct answer, we were given a hint as to which direction was On-on. They do know their stuff, which helped speed us back to the starting point for Down-downs and a "Farewell and Fuck Off" party in honor of Turn-Ho and Loose Caboose, (though he will continue to join us for the duration of his stay). They have extended an open invitation to anyone wanting to visit Portland and the Hump HHH -- contact details available via this address. May the Force Be With Them.

* Nor will she because she is far too polite.
** Just in case, here's that link again: http://travel.webshots.com/album/101298656BHXiHv

Hares: Twin Peaks
FRB: Fer Fox Sake (joined by Russian Bride, last week's FRB)
DFL: Boston Creamed
Charles Dickens: Twin Peaks
Padawans: Loose Caboose, Turn-Ho
Returnees: Bullshit, Diablo, Matterhorn, Neverfucker, Triar Fruck, Stroker
OCD (or Senility): Bullshit, FFS

Breast Feeders: Diablo, FFS
Mt. Tavor Run: Boston Creamed, Captain Caveman, FFS, Goldmember
Rome Marathoner: Stroker
Bad Girl: Michelle (didn't fess up as a Returnee)
Misdirection: Deliverance (has missed the Ashdod exit three times -- so far)
Farewell: Loose Caboose, Turn-Ho

Place: Herzliya Pituach
Date: April 21, 2007
Time: 4:00pm
Hare: Shock & Awe
The hash will be in Rishpon. From coast road (Hwy 2) exit at Rishpon, then take first right. Go for a couple hundred meters, then right again... you will see the hares waiting.
Lost? Call Shock & Awe
Well, we made it there, despite the organizers best efforts to keep participants away. Fer Fox Sake maintains that at least one minute should be shaved off the recorded time to make up for a VERY badly managed event that had everyone start at least a minute away from the starting line. The Marzipan Museum was nice, though.
The results:
FFS - 01:03:27
Caveman - 01:15:32
Goldmember - 01:16:16
Boston Creamed - 01:22:50
Lhude sing cuccu!
Lager Lout writes: Hope you had time to recharge your brain cells ready for the next quiz which is next Friday - 27th April - 7.30pm.
From the '2' , exit at the Shmaryahu Junction and go towards the sea on Keren Hayesod. At the mini-roundabout by the Tavola restaurant go right round and back on yourself. Turn first right on Shalva and keep going past Basel & Shevet Menashe. As soon as you see the small park on the right find a parking space. Between the park and the houses on the left of the park there is a little conifer-lined path. It's the house at the end of this path. The usual ? signs will be up.
IMPORTANT: Please bring your own drinks and some food to share.
MORE IMPORTANT: RSVP to ruthfretwell@hotmail.com
24 hour spinning event on the Azrieli Center rooftop.
April 26-27 - Contact: 1-700-700-305
27.4.2007 - Dalia Run - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
28.4.2007 - Herzliya Run - 10k, 2k - Contact: dovevm@gmail.com - Dovev Mazor
5.5.2007 - Gezer Run - 10k, 5k, 2k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305 -
5.5.2007 - Jordan Valley Triathlon - 03-6764008
11.5.2007 - Gaash Run - 10k, 5k - www.realtiming.co.il - Registration closes 8.5.2007
12.5.2007 - Shoham Run - 03-9794003
12.5.2007 - Country Gimel Run - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305 -
18.5.2007 - Park HaMayim (Water Park) Run - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305 -
18.5.2007 - Netanya Triathlon - Contact: 03-6764008
2.6.2007 - Herzliya Women's Trialthlon - Contact: 09 774 9015, 052 358 0004 - www.women-tri.com
16.6.2007 - Tel Aviv Triathlon - Contact: 03-6764008
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet"
Boston Creamed


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