06 June, 2007


The directions to the upcoming run are so very very long that Humble Scribe is quite happy to make this missive -- her last for this tenure -- a short one. And so, without further ado:
Hareless & Carefree
Place: Rishpon
Hare: Lager Lout (aided by Dead Boring)
We circled up.
We ran.
We had Down-downs.
Here are the directions for next week's run.
Okay, you didn't think you'd get off that easily, did you? The run, a Hare-less one, was excellently marked by Lager Lout, our Hare, and her partner in crime*, Dead Boring, who didn't join us on the run but came along for the Down-downs. We were promised a 6.5k run and thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we can say that it was exactly that long. Well, someone can say that, anyway, and probably has.
Lager Lout promised "mixed terrain" which means we had to run on horrible fine sandy fields, dusty, dirty orange groves and rocky "terrain tracks" -- on which Deliverance almost took a tumble.** On the plus side, eventually there was a halfway point and we sang the British version of "The Old Brown Cow" which is nothing like the one we learned in US Girl Scouts. The UK single includes some suggestive hip thrusting, too suggestive, apparently for Neverfucker, whose name clearly belies a modest and demure nature.*** Right.
The walkers kicked off the second half by almost leaving Swamp Monster behind**** though he didn't seem to mind it much. The runners, meanwhile, were treated to some long stretches, Dead Boring-style. At a certain point, we gave up checking the trail and let the new kids take a crack at it.
That's right. We had fresh meat on the run. After explaining the non-rules and un-conventions about Hash marks to our two virgins, Andrea and Nancy, they excitedly took to locating the trail. At one point, they even jumped up and down upon finding three blobs. Ah, youth... Even our hard-assed RA was hard-pressed to quell their spirited enthusiasm during Down-downs, much as he tried -- and tried and tried. But beer is good for your hair, the giggly twosome explained, so they had little problem dumping cupfuls on their heads. Eventually, however, like all good girls, they caved in to social pressure. And so the downwards spiral begins...
*And other stuff, presumably!
**Let us emphasize the word "almost".
*** Plus, NF pointed out that he felt uncomfortable singing while a man with shaved legs was looking at his hips. Will Triathlon season never end, FFS?
**** Again, let us emphsize the word "almost".
Hare - Lager Lout aided by Dead Boring
FRB - Russian Bride
DFL - Diablo (Didn't take his EPO)
Lawerence of Arabia - Dead Boring (Very sandy)
Flying - Deliverance (Tripped! Did not fall!)
Virgins - Andrea, Nancy
FaHASHion Do - Twin Peaks (Pretty in Pink)
FaHASHion Don't - Cap'n Caveman (Those shorts are a crime of fashion)
2 of Enid Blyton's Famous 5 - Andrea, Nancy
Child Abuse - Bravefart, Dr. Do-little, Lager Lout (left Swamp Monster behind)
Queer Eye - Neverfucker (Bizarrely enough, won't shake his moneymaker while singing "The Old Brown Cow Went Pfff Against the Wall")

Entitled: Mayhem at Modi'in
Place: Modi'in
Note: There will be a BBQ afterwards - Please bring food - The Beermeister is requested to bring PLENTY of beer.
Fer Fox Sake, who writes,
"This week's hash will be in Herzliyya Pituach at Oreo Park and we are going to run around the embassies and homes of ambassadors... ... ... NOT!!!
Get out your party BBQ tongs and get set for "Mayhem at Modi'in"

That's right clean mountain air, sunflower fields, fresh air, no beach traffic, forested glades and of course piles of rubbish left by locals.
I drove in a standard Honda with no problems the dirt road is in very good condition just take it easy , be aware of people on bikes and walkers drive slowly . I know the directions seem complicated but they are just detailed enough to help you get there with no panic. I will try and mark the road with h and arrows, and T's on the tracks not to take but they could be driven over.
On-on afterwards so bring the BBQs meat & salads etc plates - yada yada yada
It is a beautiful part of the country and the forest is great, be prepared for a hash where you will not see a house for a change – it will not be long so that we have plenty of time for the on on
Go up the 1 Hwy
Turn off onto 443 towards Modi'in
You are going to be on this road a while as you are heading towards the Modi'in industrial area
Go past the signs and turn offs to Zaglembie Martyrs & Maccabean Graves
You are getting close...
Get in right hand lane...
At the traffic lights signposted Modi'in (small picture of factory) Industrial Zone & Cemetery (just for Dead Boring)
Turn right at the lights
200m down this road turn right - small factory sign - you will be on this sealed road for 3 km
Past the power substation on your right, past the Paz gas station on your right keep going boring scenery - keep going ahead
At the crossroads turn right - you will see the industrial buildings - straight ahead past the buildings
The road is running out - but is still sealed
Go around the roundabout and straight ahead the sealed road is about to run out
Go to the start of the dirt road and ZERO YOUR SPEEDOMETER
The circle is 2.1 km away
Here is some distance guides:
After 300m you will be under power lines - straight on
After 700 m from the start of the dirt road sunflower fields are on your left - straight on up the hill
After 1.2 km - olive trees are on your right
After 1.3 km - the road bends to your right (a monument is on your left)
Follow the road to the right
Stay on the main track (there are two small 4x4 tracks on your left (ignore) stay on the main track
After 1.6 km another small track on your right (ignore) - stay on the main track - down into the forest
At 2.1 km's from the start of the dirt road there is a lovely shady picnic ground with tables and BBQ stands
Your Hare will be waiting
Lost: Call Fer Fox Sake at 0547 494924
E-Map site (in English)
Type in "Modiin Industrial Area"
TA White Nights is going to be a blast!!! I've already signed up. Have you?
16.6.2007 - Tel Aviv Triathlon - Contact: 03-6764008
28.6.2007 - Tel Aviv White Nights Run - 10k, 5k - Contact: Shvoong - 1 700 700 305
FYI: TA White Nights practice runs are being held
Every Monday night at 6:30 pm
June 11, 18, and 25
Parking lot 3 (a favorite Hash meeting point)
Hadar Yosef Athletics Stadium
Sheetrit St. 10
Hadar Yosef, Tel Aviv

29.6.2006 - Agmon Duathlon (Hula Valley) - Contact: 04-6817137, Yaron Mark - 057-7700772
"Where Beer and Idiocy Meet"
98 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv

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